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Are you sending your child back to school? Governor Cooper open N.C. schools


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Tuesday afternoon, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said that students will return back to school but it will be a mixture of in-person and virtual learning. But the question for parents is, will you send your child back for in-person learning?

Cooper stated that he considered three plans for North Carolina K-12 public schools.

Plan A: Students would go back to school as scheduled with limited social distancing to help ensure safety.

Plan B: Hybrid system in which students would have a mix of in-person and virtual learning.

Plan C: All instruction takes place online.

Cooper ultimately decided to go with (Plan B) but said that school districts can choose (Plan C) if it’s best for them.

School districts must provide online options for students who cannot return to class because they are at higher risk for health complications from the virus or who chose not to return out of concern for their safety.

All students and staff, must wear masks and undergo daily health screenings if they are in school, Cooper said. Teachers, students, and staff members will be provided with five reusable masks.

The number of students in schools must be limited so social distancing can be achieved and districts will have the opinion to choose alternate days or weeks when particular students are in class, Cooper said. 



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