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Father and his 5-year-old son still not found, search continues in Goldsboro, NC


Emergency crews are still searching for a father and a 5-year-old after the 5-year-old fell into the Neuse River and his dad went behind him to try and save him.

The child was fishing with his dad Wednesday night off the Goldsboro Boat Ramp at 2091 US-117 when the child fell into the water. His father jumped in, and both have not been found. Last night, emergency crews used sonar scans to aid in the search. Those sonar scans were also used Thursday.

According to officials, the river is moving between three and four miles per hour and is ten feet deep in the area the two were last seen.

According to Wayne County spokesman Joel Gillie, the search area has been expanded, and two new departments are now helping in the search.

The search for the two was suspended last night due to fog, and emergency crews were back out early Thursday morning searching.

The names of the missing father and son have not been released.

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Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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