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WATCH: Last-minute Christmas shopping at Burlington in Durham turns brawl


Bonnets, bad weaves, ho-ho-ho’s and grandma’s Christmas shopping turned brawl inside Burlington on New Hope Commons Dr. in Durham, North Carolina.

Word On The Curb…Santa Clause will not be sliding down the chimney this Christmas for some troublemakers who were inside a Burlington in Durham, fighting on the floor.

The video starts with a hard-boiled egg studd in a green hoodie, lying on the floor on top of two women who appear to be grandmas. One of them could be heard saying, “Get off me.” As the fight continues on the floor, suddenly a woman bursts in like a ray of sunshine and begins relentlessly punching one of the grandmas on the floor, reminiscent of Floyd Mayweather.

Bystanders look on at brawl inside Burlington

Shoppers at Burlington were expecting to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, but instead, they were treated to some free entertainment. The clash between the young and the old did not seem to faze any of the bystanders, as many pulled out their phones ready to record and post on social media.

‘Where is a dayum man at?’

As the fight continues and the women struggle to stand, punches, blows, and hair-pulling are happening everywhere. It was heartbreaking to watch. One bystander, who tried her best to break up the fight without putting down her already shopped items, yelled across the store for the men, obviouslly to help break up the fight.

WHERE’S a D***MN MAN AT?, the woman yelled. Ain’t no men in this d***mn store?

The woman continued to ask if there were any men in the store who could help break up the fight, but no man seemedinterested in getting involved.




  1. Smdh, ppl can’t even go shopping because y’all have to act ignorant! Wonder why ppl always talking about black ppl but thank God all of us don’t act this way!


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