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Adult film star admits he has HIV and says the women he interact with can’t catch it


Twitter adult film star admits to having HIV and claims the women he pipes down can’t get it

Word On The Curb…an adult film star from Twitter has come out admitting that he has HIV and claims that whoever he decides to sleep with can’t catch it.


According to a post from an adult film star, P*ssyslayer440, he claimed to have had the potentially deadly virus for years and has been doing scenes with numerous women, as seen in his videos. The adult film star stated that he is currently taking medication, but he did not disclose the specific brand.

HIV contracted through a contaminated tattoo needle at 15-years-old

The adult film star may not have contracted the potentially deadly virus through his work on Twitter. Instead, he claims he acquired it through a contaminated tattoo needle when he was just 15 years old.



P*ssyslayer440 tweet about his HIV status


  1. I could have sworn that the producers send them to a clinic that they are contracted regularly for std/sti testing? He still has to disclose his status even if he is undetectable so I pray he is doing so. Myself personally I still would not sleep with anyone that has hiv and claims to be undetectable because people lie. Even if we were to go get tested together and their result is undetectable I still couldnt do it because my fear is that one day they may get tired of taking medication and stop taking it without telling me or they may fall into depression about their status and get mad about having it and stop taking their medication and not tell me then boom Im infected and dont know it. Condom or not I just could not do it. Their are a lot of people who are ok with it and will still tale that chance but I am not that trusting.

  2. Sadly, a lot of women will read this and still be ok with sleeping with him because of his line of work and because he is cute. SMH


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