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NFL Tyreek Hill accused of fathering two BASTARD children by two different women


A week after marrying another woman, NFL Tyreek Hill from Miami Dolphins is accused of fathering two bastard children by two different women

A Miami Dolphins wide receiver, Tyreek Hill, is headed back to court after his involvement with two different women resulted in two bastard children, which is starting to affect his career in the NFL.

Miami Dolphin's superstar, Tyreek Hill
Miami Dolphin’s superstar, Tyreek Hill

The wide receiver will soon have to stand before a judge and respond to paternity and child support lawsuits.

Tyreek Hill hit with bad news a week after he married his long-time fiancé Keeta Vaccaro

Just a week after marrying his long-time fiancée Keeta Vaccaro, Hill was accused of fathering a son and a daughter, both born earlier this year.

Tyreek Hill and Wife, Keeta Vaccaro
Tyreek Hill and Wife, Keeta Vaccaro

Both of the seemingly disgruntled women, Brittany Lackner and Kimberly Baker, claim that the Miami Dolphins’ wide receiver not only denied paternity of their newborn babies but also alleged that Hill blatantly neglected to take responsibility.

If true, Hill most likely didn’t want to hurt his fiancée by revealing that he’s been cheating while with her.


According to TheJasmineBrand, DNA results have confirmed that Hill is the father of the two infants. However, Hill has recently requested another test before being obligated to pay child support. The outlet reported that he is currently paying both mothers $2,500 a month.

Brittany Lackner and Tyreek Hill (X)
Brittany Lackner and Tyreek Hill (X)

Lackner stated that the results for her child indicated a probability of over 99.9% that Hill was the father, and she believeshe should contribute more than his current payment of $2,500. But in all honesty, a newborn baby doesn’t need $2,500 a month or anything higher. It seems like these women want Hill to fund their luxury lifestyles.

Kimberly Baker baby mama of Tyreek Hill claims the wide-receiver has shown “utter and abject unconcern”

Kimberly Baker, another mother of Hill’s child, has alleged that he has displayed “complete and utter disregard” for their 6-month-old daughter, as reported by TheJasmineBrand. According to the source, Baker claims that it takes $10,000 a month to raise her newborn child.

Tyreek Hill says ‘I AM NOT THE FATHER’ in attempt to get paternity and child support suits from Kimberly Baker and Brittany Lackner dismissed

Hill is focused on getting the suits dropped by arguing that Brittany Lacker’s child was born in Kansas, where she lived before relocating to Florida. He said that it was for “strategic purposes.” Further in his complaint, he alleged that Baker had no legal basis to sue for paternity in Florida because she is from Los Angeles.

Miami Dolphin’s Tyreek Hill has been to court before for denying being the father of ex-fiance Crystal Espinal twins, Nakeem and Nyla

Tyreek Hill’s ex-fiance, Crystal Espinal and son.

Hill currently pays $13,500 in child support for the three kiddos he had with his ex-fiancée, Crystal Espinal. The two were engaged at one point and had a son together. He was also taken to court by his ex-fiancée to establish paternity for Nakeem and Nyla, twins.

Hill has stayed silent since this news.


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