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19-year-old North Carolina girl kills her mom and then kidnap her 2-year-old sister


A 19-year-old North Carolina girl kills her mom before kidnapping her 2-year-old sister, according to Hillsborough Police Department.

Hillsborough Police Department said on Monday, they responded to an apartment at Bellevue Mills Apartments on South Nash Street about a wellness check.

Officers found 41-year-old Delila Nicole Westmoreland dead from multiple gunshot wounds. At the time, investigators determined that Westmoreland’s 2-year-old child was also missing from the home. 

Investigators arrested the daughter of Delila, 19-year-old Jaydah Westmoreland. Police said Jaydah was hiding out at a home in Durham

North Carolina girl kills her mom and then kidnaps her sister.
19-year-old Jaydah Westmoreland

She was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder of her mother and kidnapping of her sister.

Jaydah is being held without bond at the Orange County Jail. 

The 2-year-old was found safe and is in custody with other family members.

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