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Woman says her son had nothing to do with NC Lyric Woods and Devin Clark’s murder in Facebook post


A North Carolina mother is clearing her son’s name from involvement in the murders of 14-year-old Lyric Woods and 18-year-old Devin Clark, and she’s not holding back.

Although police have not released the identity of the 17-year-old accused of killing Clark and Woods, social media have taken it upon themselves to accuse 17-year-old DonJae Clark of the murders, and his mother is not having it.

Tasha Echols took to Facebook Monday in a social media post and said her son, 17-year-old DonJae Clark, “had nothing to do with no murder.”

DonJae Clark

Echols said that her son had a football game the night Clark and Woods went missing, and her son left the game with her.

“If you did your research you would see he had a Football game and left the game with me..,” Echols said in her Facebook post.

Tasha Echols

According to Echols, her son is an “honor roll student” and “doesn’t hang out in the streets”, and she will not tolerate anyone slandering her son’s name without her saying her peace.

Echols encouraged anyone to call Burlington Police Department if they had concerns about the murders of Clark and Woods and “stop putting up fake sht,” concerning her son.


Both Woods and Clark went missing late Friday night, early Saturday morning, September 17, and were found deceased Sunday, September 18, in Orange County.

On September 20, Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced that a 17-year-old was responsible and a juvenile petition was being filed for double homicide.

Earlier this month, Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced that the 17-year-old had been taken into custody.

The identity of the 17-year-old remains unknown. However, The North Carolina Beat continues to work on verifying that the 17-year-old we have been told is the suspect is indeed the suspect.

On Monday, Sept. 19, we told you that our sources told us that police in Orange County had “persons of interest” and that an announcement would be coming soon.

The next day, Tuesday, Sept. 20, police announced that they had filed homicide petitions against a 17-year-old.

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