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WATCH: Mother taken into custody after allegedly deliberately pushing her one-year-old child off a counter




A viral video circulating on social media has sparked outrage, particularly targeting a despicable woman who claims to be a mother but should be behind bars due to her heinous actions against her one-year-old daughter.

In December 2023, authorities apprehended 20-year-old Destianna Latrice Smith Williams and charged her with intentionally causing bodily harm to a child. It remains puzzling why this malevolent individual wasn’t faced with additional charges.

Destianna Latrice Smith Williams
Destianna Latrice Smith Williams

According to an affidavit, on December 19, 2023, law enforcement received a report from Child Protective Services regarding a one-year-old who had been harmed by her mother at the 10000 block of Rosalina Loop.

A video, obtained by The North Carolina Beat and provided to the police by a landlord, depicts Williams wiping a counter before callously pushing her own child, causing the infant to tumble to the floor. As the baby cries out in pain, Williams callously continues cleaning, disregarding her child’s distress.

Destianna Latrice Smith Williams pushing her one-year-old daughter onto the floor.
Destianna Latrice Smith Williams pushing her one-year-old daughter onto the floor.

Williams was subsequently arrested and charged with child abuse, with her bond set at $75,000. Despite this, her social media activity suggests that she is currently out of custody.


  1. She should never get that precious baby back. Its a little creepy that the landlord has cameras in a rental unit but in this case Im glad they did because they saved the baby from going through further abuse and trauma.
    The baby shouldnt have been on the counter in the first place but what was so hard about moving her to a different spot sitting her down on the floor in a high chair or even on her hip.
    Sadly what will most likely happen is the court will only give her probation and require her to take anger management and parenting classes and in the meantime allow her to have supervised visitation. If the baby has been put in the custody of family 8/10 the family member will most likely allow her to see/be around the child unsupervised and times outside of scheduled visits. The other fear is the child being placed in the wrong foster home. The safest place for a child is supposed to be with their parents.


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