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Ten Hardee’s employees in Indiana arrested for taking photos of customers’ credit cards and using them


Word On The Curb… Ten Indiana Hardee’s employees are in big trouble after police say they ran a fraud scheme by taking photos of customers’ credit cards in the drive-thru and then using the card numbers to bail inmates out of jail.

LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office said the jail officials noticed a strange amount of money going into the accounts of inmates. Those inmates would then use the funds to bond out of jail, leaving with the jail-issued debit cards.

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Andy Hynek, a Captain with the LaPorte Sheriff’s Office, said that their investigation uncovered a complex scheme involving several Hardee’s employees in Michigan City, as well as other individuals. According to court documents, during the months of August and September, the accused suspects would photograph the credit and debit cards of customers in the drive-thru

Investigators said the employees took the credit card numbers and used them to deposit money in the accounts of inmates with low bond amounts. The money was being added to the Securus phone account by the employees before the inmates were released with the money. Investigators said those inmates who bonded out was driven to ATMS where the withdrawn the remaining balance on their jail-issued debit cards.

Nearly $15,000 was stolen from customers.

10 people were charged on the charges of fraud and criminal organizational activity but only 9 have been arrested.

(left to right) Darrien Ward, Prince Arnold, Kristin Vanschoyck, Madison Zuk, Anisa Higginbotham, Hollie LaChapelle, Carissa Bealor, Lawrence Armstrong and Moesha Monique Savanna Payne
  • Darrien Ward
  • Prince Arnold 
  • Kristin Vanschoyck 
  • Madison Zuk
  • Anisa Higginbotham
  • Hollie LaChapelle 
  • Carissa Bealor 
  • Lawrence Armstrong
  • Moesha Monique Savanna Payne
  • Dylnn Scott

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