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Serial Rapist in North Carolina now arrested and charged for secretly hiding woman’s body


Over the course of 11 years, a series of four rapes have been linked to one man who was arrested Wednesday night.

Dennis Speed, 65, is facing allegations of secretly disposing of a woman’s body. He is currently detained at the Durham County Detention Center and is facing charges that date back several years.

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In late October, Speed was arrested on charges of misdemeanor drug possession and resisting arrest. Additionally, he is accused of the rape and kidnapping of four women between 2009 and 2020.

Warrants in Durham County reveal a prolonged search for a serial rapist spanning over a decade, with the same individual now facing charges related to concealing the body of another woman, Laresa Garcia.

The incidents include a 2009 assault off Old Oxford Highway, a 2010 assault near Lake Michie Dam Road, a 2015 assault at an abandoned building off Midland Terrace, and a 2020 incident where a woman reported waking up naked and in pain after staying at a local hotel offered by Speed.

All four victims underwent sexual assault examinations.

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In one case, a warrant indicates that the state laboratory provided a report to Durham police in 2019, confirming a DNA match to Speed. In another case, a report from the state lab in March 2022 indicated a high probability match to Speed’s DNA. Warrants for Speed’s DNA were executed earlier in the week. Furthermore, Speed has been indicted on a felony charge for the secret disposal of the body of Laresa Garcia, with the charge alleging that he was aware she did not die of natural causes.

Speed next court date is set for December.

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