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Oregon woman who waterboarded her child and then put him in the freezer sentenced to 30 days in jail


An Oregon woman who subjected her 13-month-old son to waterboarding and then placed him in the freezer “out of spite” to test the loyalty of the father has been sentenced to 30 days in jail and 3 years of probation.

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Prosecutors said that Sharday McDonald, a 30-year-old woman, did not kill her son after she waterboarded him and stuffed him in the freezer during her October 2021 abuse. In July of this year, McDonald pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal mistreatment. In addition to the 30-day jail sentence, McDonald will be placed on supervised probation for three years.

Sharday McDonald

Two years ago, police responded to McDonald’s home to conduct a welfare check after receiving information that she had placed a child inside the freezer. Court documents state that when the police arrived, they heard McDonald screaming at someone on the phone through the door. It was later determined that the person she was yelling at was the child’s father, Kendrick Neal.

Police said they heard McDonald yelling, “I’m about to show you real quick. You don’t want him? Let me tell you about this little f***ng baby, I don’t f***ng give a f**k about.”

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When the police knocked on the door, McDonald opened it while holding her son wrapped in a blanket. According to court documents, McDonald stated to the officer that she had no intention of causing any harm or endangering her son by either drowning him or placing him in the freezer. She allegedly told the police that she did it “out of spite.”

Upon reviewing photos of the child being abused when the father arrived on the scene. The officer noted in his report that it appeared the baby was attempting to hold his breath while water was being poured onto his face and over his nose. In one of the photos, officers said the child was almost being held upside down in his onesie as the water flowed over him, according to Seattle FOX Affiliate KCPQ.

McDonald allegedly told the police after her arrest that she had done these things to her son as a way to “test” the father and see if he “gave a f**k at all.”

Prosecutors also charged McDonald with a count of identity theft and tampering with a witness, although that was related to another case. As part of a deal before sentencing this week, McDonald pleaded guilty to charges of mistreatment, identity theft, and witness tampering.

It is unclear whether she has been prohibited from contacting her child altogether or on a limited basis.

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