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North Carolina man killed after accusing individuals of rape and pedophilia on social media


Coty Allen Gales murdered months after making allegations of rape and pedophilia against people in Brunswick County, North Carolina

James Riley Spivey arrested in murder of Coty Allen Gales in Brunswick County, North Carolina
James Riley Spivey

A man from North Carolina has been killed, and another man has been arrested for his murder. This comes just months after the victim posted on social media, accusing several individuals (whose names have been redacted by The North Carolina Beat) of rape and pedophilia.

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It is unclear whether these postings led to the death of 30-year-old Coty Allen Gales, but the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office stated that they have arrested James Riley Spivey, 50, of Supply, North Carolina in Gale’s murder.

Coty Allen Gales killed in Brunswick County, North Carolina
Coty Allen Gales

According to investigators, the incident took place around 8:50 p.m. on December 8 on Vacation Street in Supply and additional details about the shooting have not been released.

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Reports indicate that Coty Allen Gales, died from a gunshot wound inflicted by a handgun.

What was Coty Allen Gales posting on social media about sexual assault

The first public mention of Gales making these allegations was on July 26, when he posted two letters on social media, urging someone to investigate a cover-up involving rape and pedophilia allegations.

Coty Allen Gales July 26, 2023 social media post.
Coty Allen Gales July 26, 2023 social media post.

In another post, on October 12, he stated that he was going to the courthouse the following morning, saying, “Maybe somebody will report rape like I have been asking Brunswick County deputies and a lot more to do.”

Gales then said that if he mysteriously ended up dead, someone should investigate the names on his page that wished he was dead, because he keeps reporting them.

Coty Allen Gales October 12, 2023 social media post.

Thirty-seven days later, on November 18, Gales posted another social media status and said, “Somebody in this county needs to report these f***ing names I’m reporting from Brunswick County Sheriff Department.”

He then went on to list names which The North Carolina Beat has redacted. The allegations included sexual assault against a minor.

Coty Allen Gales November 18, 2023 social media post.
Coty Allen Gales November 18, 2023 social media post.

That same day, Gales made another social media post stating that the individuals he had accused of sexual assault were angry with him and he didn’t know who to turn to for help. He then listed the names. (We have redacted those names)

Coty Allen Gales second November 18, 2023 social media post.

Spivey’s next court date is set for January 4, 2024.


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