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Missing Memphis woman Kelly Sistrunk found shot dead in the head near highway


The quest to find a woman who had gone missing concluded in heartbreak when authorities discovered her with multiple gunshot wounds to the head, off a highway in a different state.

30-year-old Kelly Sistrunk, a devoted mother to a 2-year-old son, is being mourned after her tragic death. Authorities in Memphis, Tennessee are treating her passing as a homicide. Kelly’s mother raised the alarm when she went missing on January 28.

The last time anyone saw Kelly, she was sitting in her car in the driveway of her home. But within half an hour, she had vanished, leaving her vehicle behind. This was highly unusual behavior for Kelly, who was known for staying in touch with her family and checking in on her son.

When she disappeared, Kelly was wearing a gray Nike pullover, matching leggings, and black Nike slides. Her family tracked her phone to Marshall County, Mississippi, and it was there that her body was discovered in a wooded area just off Interstate 22. Tragically, she had suffered multiple gunshot wounds to her head.

Kelly Sistrunk
Kelly Sistrunk

As the investigation into Kelly’s death continues, authorities have not yet identified any suspects or provided any insight into how she ended up in Mississippi. The community is left grieving and seeking justice for the loss of a beloved mother and daughter.


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