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‘Go Slit Your Wrist’: North Carolina pastor stands in pulpit and tells people to kill themselves and slit their wrists



Pastor Dameyon Massey of the struggling Remnant Church Outreach Ministries in Fayetteville, North Carolina was caught on video in a pulpit telling people to go and kill themselves if they were upset that he had recovered from his scandal. In 2023, his boyfriend had exposed a tape on Snapchat of the both of them having s*x.

Pastor Dameyon Massey
Pastor Dameyon Massey

Word on the Curb…rumors are swirling once again about a scandalous pastor in North Carolina, and it seems like Dameyon Massey just can’t stay out of trouble. The only thing he knows how to do is get on camera having s*x with men in his church and then shedding crocodile tears when he’s exposed. This pastor seems to have no shame in his game.

The video was screen-recorded by a member of the BeatMob, a group dedicated to uncovering the latest gossip, especially when it comes to characters like Massey. You might recall that in September 2023, Massey’s boyfriend, Roderick Jones, whom Massey loves to eat out more than read his Bible, posted a video on Snapchat of the two of them engaged in sin. When the video went public, Massey put on a dramatic display of tears and remorse.

Pastor Dameyon Massey and boyfriend, Roderick Jones.
Pastor Dameyon Massey and boyfriend, Roderick Jones.

He claimed he would take a 30-day break to reflect, but that didn’t last long. Months before Massey was exposed for his secret relationships, he had allegedly threatened one of his sidepieces, Bryant Johnson, who had pressed charges against him. Johnson later dropped the charges out of fear for his safety.

In a new video obtained by The North Carolina Beat, Massey is seen addressing the scandal that caused many of his church members to leave after a leaked video involving him and Jones surfaced. Despite the controversy, Massey boasted about being better than ever and even bragged about being blessed with a $60,000 food truck. According to some members of his church who spoke to The North Carolina Beat previously, they have been raising money for a building to call their own for years, but they have not seen anything.

Most likely, the money the members were raising for a building, is possibly how Massey was able to spend $60,000 on a food truck because his two church members are also financially struggling and in need of support.

What was shocking is that the so-called pastor, who wants us to believe he’s been called by God, said moments later that if people had an issue with him recovering from scandal, they should “go somewhere and die and do us all a favor.”

“And if me recovering gon make you upset, well baby go somewhere and die…do us all a favor” Pastor Dameyon Massey yelled to his reprobate church.

Seconds later, he suggested that anyone who wants to see other people brought down and destroyed is not fit to live, as if he were a god deciding who is fit to live or not. Chileee…but is this really a pastor? Moments later, he told those people to go and slit their wrists.

“Anybody that want to see people down and want to see people destroyed…they not fit to live, please go slit your wrist with your miserable self,” stated Pastor Dameyon Massey.



Why would a pastor be standing behind God’s sacred desk telling people to commit suicide? Shame! Shame! Shame!

Apostle Dameyon Massey confronting homeless man.
Apostle Dameyon Massey confronting homeless man.

In later December 2023, Dameyon Massey tried to fight a homeless man after the man asked the disrespectful pastor to stop recording them. Massey’s church was providing meals for the homeless, but they did not respect the homeless individuals’ privacy and their desire not to be filmed.

Hopefully, it won’t take God long to sit this clown down for good because this behavior is far from what one would expect from a pastor. Massey’s words are a disgrace to his position and to the sacred space of the church.


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