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Gay Benson North Carolina pastor RUDELY disrespect his ushers during church service


Homosexual North Carolina Apostle O’Brian McCrae rudely disrespect his ushers during a church service

These Sassy rainbow suit wearing pastors just won’t stop.

Apostle O’Brian McCrae. Pastor of Victory Deliverance Center, INC.

Word On The Curb…a Gay tight can’t afford no labels wearing Apostle from Benson, North Carolina, was standing in his pulpit disrespecting his ushers and had it been my grandma, she would’ve slapped that ponk straight. 

Apostle O'Brian McCrae goes off on his ushers.
Apostle O’Brian McCrae goes off on his ushers.

The pastor of Victory Deliverance Center, INC. in Benson, Apostle O’Brian McCrae, who allegedly likes to sleep with men, was in a church service when he became outraged and angry. He was upset because his ushers were not in place to catch his fake members who were shouting and falling out for attention.

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I guess Apostle McCrae blacked out and thought he was talking to Victor Moses, (a former young adjutant with whom he used to be in a relationship with), when he went off on his ushers.

And I don’t understand why this wannabe Apostle is even upset because he knows he wouldn’t have caught those fake-a*s Christians shouting either.

Every Sunday, it’s the same people shouting about the same problem, but when the pastor is preaching, they’re on Facebook. When they need deliverance, they sleep with someone else’s man or woman. When the pastor was laying hands, they were in the church bathroom engaging in inappropriate behavior.

I mean, I wouldn’t have caught those church parking lot lizards either. In the video that is circulating, Apostle McCrae is p***y wet mad and unable to conceal it.

“And I shouldn’t have one usher and not one of them on the floor,” Apostle McCrae said.

He then fired the usher board for the remainder of the week and stated that he would appoint preachers to serve as ushers.

“I’ll appoint preachers to usher,” the angry apostle said.

He then raises his voice and says, “And after I said, ‘Ushers, get on the floor,’ they STILL DIDN’T MOVE.”

“USHERS, HIT THE FLOOR!” an angry Apostle McCrae yelled.

One member told The North Carolina Beat that it was as if he was a madman. I told her, “Yup, he probably thought he was talking to that little boy up in that house, cornered against the wall.”

We laughed.

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He told a woman who was supposedly in the spirit, but more like the sprite, that the ushers should have been over there with her.

“This ain’t no social meeting. This God’s meeting”, Apostle McCrae says, followed by a strange sound effect.

After he angrily rebuked them, he challenged the church by saying, “NOW TALK JUNK TO ME,” but all those scary fools sat quiet and didn’t utter a word. Chileeeeeeeeeee.

“When I say something you ought to shut your mouth and don’t say nothing back to me,” the Gay self-proclaimed Apostle exclaimed, followed by a triumphant ‘HALLELUJAH’.


According to sources and confirmed by Victor Moses himself in past conversations, he revealed that he had been in a sexual relationship with Apostle McCrae in the past.

Moses also stated that McCrae was allegedly verbally and physically abusive towards him.

During this time, Moses served as the adjutant to Apostle McCrae.

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