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Durham police need help solving 2021 murder of man who was known for fighting gun violence


Jamal Coltrane was found shot dead in his car on November 7, 2021, on N.C. Highway 55.  

Jamal Coltrane
Jamal Coltrane

Durham police are seeking the community’s assistance in solving the murder of a man who was known for his efforts to combat gun violence in the city.

Jamal Coltrane, a 31-year-old advocate for peace, was tragically found shot to death inside a car on N.C. Highway 55 on November 7, 2021. Since that fateful day, law enforcement has been tirelessly working to uncover the identity of the perpetrator and ensure that justice is served.

On the same night as Coltrane’s murder, there were reports of a break-in at his storage unit near the intersection of NC 55 and W. Cornwallis Road.

The thieves made off with two dirt bikes, a four-wheeler, and various other items from Coltrane’s unit. However, it remains unclear whether the individuals responsible for the break-in are also linked to his tragic demise.

Coltrane was a dedicated member of “Bikes Up, Guns Down,” a group committed to steering individuals away from violence through their passion for dirt bikes.


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