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Alabama family seeks clarity following the tragic loss of their 19-year-old daughter in a car accident caused by a semi-truck driver


A grieving family is mourning the tragic loss of a 19-year-old expectant mother and her unborn child following a devastating accident on an Alabama highway.

Tanysia Middlebrooks
Tanysia Middlebrooks

Tanysia Middlebrooks was eight months pregnant when she was traveling from Georgia to Alabama to visit a school with her unborn child’s father. Tragically, she was killed by a semi-truck driver. Officials in Alabama have yet to charge the driver in her death.

Her mother, Sherrika Allen, told WBRC in Alabama that her daughter was expecting a boy and planned to name him Aanai Kaier. Allen said her daughter was a joyful and confident woman.

Tanysia Middlebrooks and her unborn child’s father.

She said their last conversation was about Tanysia’s upcoming baby shower.

No charges yet filed in death of Tanysia Middlebrooks  killed by 57-year-old driver of a semi-truck

According to Alabama State Troopers, the deadly car crash occurred on January 26 around 6 a.m. on U.S. 431, north of Anniston, Alabama. A preliminary report revealed that Tanysia had exited her vehicle after being involved in a previous crash. A semi-truck hit her, pushing her and resulting in the untimely deaths of both her and her unborn child.

Tanysia Middlebrooks
Tanysia Middlebrooks

The parents of Tanysia are seeking more clarity from authorities about the circumstances surrounding their daughter’s death.

Tanysia’s father, Tvares Middlebrooks, says he is familiar with driving semi-trucks and stated that the driver of the semi was not paying attention.

“For me, I drive tractor-trailers. How I feel is that he wasn’t paying attention. You can see further down the road than someone in a regular vehicle. There shouldn’t have been no reason he couldn’t see ahead of him,” he said.

The driver of the semi-truck, a 57-year-old man whose name Alabama State Troopers are refusing to release, has not been charged in Tanysia’s death.



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