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Columbus County N.C. Sheriff Jody Greene accused of impregnating detective employee while married


A married North Carolina sheriff is trying to keep his alleged infidelities on the low after accusations hit his department about him allegedly being the father of an unborn child from a female detective he employs.

Detective Sam Hickman unborn child, who Sheriff Greene is accused of being the father of.

Sheriff Steadman Jody Greene of the Columbus County Sheriff’s Department in Whiteville, North Carolina, has much explaining to do not only to his wife but to the community he serves if these allegations are true.

Columbus County Sheriff, Jody Greene

Community members in the area say Sheriff Greene can put these rumors to rest if he takes a DNA test, something he may be afraid of doing.

Sheriff Greene is accused of impregnating Detective Sam Hickman, who is said to have allegedly been impregnated by Sheriff Greene one time before.

Detective Sam Hickman

Calvin Norton, who says he is a civil rights activist, took the information to social media Tuesday, alleging that Sheriff Greene is the father of Detective Sam Hickman’s unborn child.

What we know is that it’s significantly inappropriate for a sheriff to commit sexual misconduct with any employee, Norton said in a Facebook post.

According to text messages obtained by Norton, one says that Hickman said she has been pregnant by Sheriff Greene twice, but the previous child before this new one, she allegedly got rid of.

It seems like Sheriff Greene not only has to clean up the Columbus County streets but also the street he’s been on. Oop!






  1. Defamation of character and slander much? Why does anyone care what this sheriff is doing with his d**k, seems to have a willing party. His marriage is not your business to discuss they owe you no explanation you’re not his wife or presumed mistress so why are you speculating on this woman’s child? Did you ever contemplate you’re putting an innocent baby on blast you should be ashamed of yourself calling out a babies legitimacy. If he’s not sticking his d**k in you, and your not married to him why the hell do you have any right to speculate it isn’t your business or anyone elses.

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