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Charlotte woman says she was allegedly drugged and raped by a man she cut off for disrespecting her deceased brother


Midoria Bradley told The North Carolina Beat that on Saturday, January 13, 2024, she was drugged and raped inside her home by 26-year-old Lamar Andre McCaskill. She had previously been dealing with him but ended it after he disrespected her deceased brother months before the incident. Another girl reportedly recorded Lamar forcing a highly inebreated Midoria Bradley into performing oral sex on him in the front seat of his car.

Midoria Bradley
Midoria Bradley

Midoria Bradley told The North Carolina Beat that in June 2023, she and her best friend went out in Charlotte one night, and her friend took a picture of her and posted it on social media. She said that at the time, a guy had commented on the photo, saying, “I want her…I need her in my life.”

The individual was 26-year-old Lamar Andre McCaskill, who is currently on post-release supervision for possession of a firearm as a felon.

Lamar Andre McCaskill
Lamar Andre McCaskill

Bradley said she asked her best friend who the guy was that made the comment, and her friend told her. She said that she and Lamar had started texting, and he was very consistent and nice to her. Quite frankly, Bradley said she did not know that Lamar Andre McCaskill was the kind of guy to do what he allegedly did to her.

At some point during the time they were communicating, Bradley said she and Lamar were intimate. She said they only had consensual sex twice. It got to a point where the two became toxic and had an on-and-off situation-ship.

Throughout their on-again, off-again situation-ship, she said that in October 2023, she and Lamar had gone out to Club Cloud in Charlotte. She said it was a good night. They had a great time and even met a girl named Kiara Young, with whom she became friends. After leaving the club, Bradley stated that she and Lamar went back to her house and had sex, which turned out to be the last time they were intimate.

“He took me home that night after leaving Cloud, and we had sex,” Bradley said. “That was the last time we had sex.”

Bradley said she later found out that Lamar had a girlfriend whom he was living with. When asked about it, she said Lamar told her that he didn’t have a girlfriend. Being the toxic duo they were at the time, she said they had ceased communication.

“He denied having a girlfriend, and we started arguing, so we stopped talking,” Bradley said. and then we started back talking, so it was like an on and off thing with us but it was nothing serious.”

Bradley told The North Carolina Beat that during the on-and-off drama with Lamar, she recalled a time when she had a flat tire and called him to help her. She said he told her to call her “N****,” and they started arguing.

“I was like, ‘Why are you asking me to call my n*g*a…and you got a b*tch at home? Stop being jealous,'” Bradely said she told Lamar. “I’m calling him a junky and everything…and he’s like ‘that’s why your brother is dead.’

Bradley said she and Lamar continued arguing but he had said something that was totally disrespectful. She said her older brother had passed away in September 2023, and she was still mourning his loss. At that moment, Bradley said that she and Lamar had stopped talking because he had blocked her phone number, and she had not heard from him until she saw him earlier in January 2024.

“He is mad weird and controlling,” Bradley said. “The way he thinks is, if he is talking to a girl, she’s only supposed to talk to him, but yet he messes with other b*****.”

Bradley said that rumors were circulating about Lamar being gay. She said she brought it up, and she believes that triggered him. Bradley said she believed that was the reason Lamar allegedly raped her anally.

“I think that’s why he raped me in my anal,” Bradley said. “He wanted to disrespect me because of our last argument.”

“Keep my f*cking brother name out of your mouth”

On January 4, Bradley said she saw Lamar at his brother’s birthday party. She said he was in the car when she ran up to it and told him, “Keep my f*cking brother name out of your mouth b*tch.” Moments later, Bradley said Lamar was clutching his gun as if he wanted to shoot her.

“He clutched on his gun and I told him ‘you always clutching on your gun..ain’t gon use it, p*ssy,'” Bradley said. “And I said, ‘Happy birthday, Reggie!’ Then  reggie asked me if I was a Taurus, and I was like ‘yeah’ and they went about their way and the person I was with and I went about ours.”

Kiara started dating Reggie, Lamar’s brother

After meeting Kiara Arnetra Young at Club Cloud in October 2023, Bradley said they started hanging out and would often have ‘girl’s night out.’ She said the two began to develop a friendship, formed a strong bond, and trusted each other – at least that’s what Bradley believed.

Kiara Arnetra Young
Kiara Arnetra Young

“I trusted her,” Bradley said. “She’s a good person but people believe she set me up and I don’t know or maybe I’m blind by our friendship.”

Bradley said that there came a time when Lamar’s brother, Reggie, and Kiara started talking and having a fling. The fling between Reggie and Kiara made her careless the night that Bradley was allegedly raped by Lamar.

Midoria Bradley went day drinking with a friend and Kiara Young on the day she was allegedly sexually assaulted.

On the day of the alleged rape, Bradley mentioned that a friend of hers was in town, and they went out for drinks and Kiara came along. The first place they went to was Club Infinity, where her friend bought a bottle of Patron and they had drinks. She said that at some point, they left and went to Club 70

4 to have more drinks. Bradley said she was too intoxicated to drive, so she left her car at Club 704 and rode with Kiara to an after-hours spot, while her friend followed in his own car.

“I was so drunk, I don’t even remember what I was doing at the after-hours spot,” Bradley told The North Carolina Beat. “I was sooo drunk.”

As Bradley and her friend Kiara were about to leave the after-hours spot, Bradley mentioned that Kiara was in a rush to go with Reggie to do what they do. However, if Kiara had taken better care of Bradley, whom she called a friend, there probably would not have been an alleged rape.

“The right thing to do was to take me to your house and lay me on your couch until the next day and we figure it the f*ck out,” Bradley said.

Kiara and Reggie asked Lamar to take Midoria Bradley home

Trying to figure out what to do with Bradley; Kiara and Reggie called Lamar, the man whom Bradley had not seen since January 4 and had been arguing with because of what he said about her deceased brother. However, Bradley was so intoxicated that she does not remember anything, only what Kiara recounted to her the day after the alleged prior to the alleged incident. 

Bradley had to piece together everything else.

“From 4 something to 5 something, Kiara and Reggie is trying to wake me up, but I wouldn’t wake up,” Bradley said. “If I’m passed out drunk, why would you as my friend put me in another n*gga car…it don’t matter who the n*gga is.”

Bradley said she was given some water while she was sitting in Kiara’s car before they moved her to Lamar’s car. Kiara said that at this point, Bradley was slightly alert but unable to walk, so she and Reggie helped her into the backseat of Lamar’s car who had another woman identified as Chasidee Taylor inside. Once Bradley is in Lamar’s car, Kiara and Reggie leave.

Chasidee Taylor
Chasidee Taylor

While in Lamar’s car, Bradley said she was given another bottle of water that she believed had a Percocet in it. She said she felt dizzy after drinking the water and laid back down.

Lamar McCaskill forced an inebriated Midoria Bradley to perform oral sex on him

Throughout the entire ride to her house, Bradley is out in the backseat. She said at some point, Lamar wakes her up with music and tells her to ‘come here, come here,’ and allegedly forces her head up and down onto his penis in the front seat. At some point, Chasidee and Lamar moved Bradley from the backseat to the front.

The video of the alleged sexual assault was recorded by 29-year-old Taylor, clearly showing Bradley inebriated. Moments later, Lamar and Taylor got Bradley out of the car and took her to her front door.

“She had me with my butt out on a Instagram boomerang,”Bradley said. “I am classy…and I can be classy in the bed but to the public, no. I am not about to suck d*ck in front of a b*tch I don’t know.”

Bradley stated that she could not recall anything, and it was the video recorded by Taylor that depicted her allegedly being sexually assaulted by Lamar in his car. She said Taylor told her everything that happened that night, up to her departure and being dropped off by Lamar. Later, Bradley was able to obtain the video of Lamar throwing her on the bed from Chasidee.

“They could have killed me,” Bradley said. “They could have killed me.” “I was so drunk that they had to put me in Lamar’s car.”

Bradley said she was confused as to why Kiara didn’t let Lamar show her where she lived and took her home. When asked about this, Kiara told The North Carolina Beat that Lamar was the only person who knew where Bradley lived. She claimed that as Bradley was in and out in her car, she kept asking Bradley for an address but she could never get it, and that’s when she called Lamar. Although Kiara knew that Bradley and Lamar were on bad terms, she still called him anyway.

Kiara also claimed that she thought Bradley and Lamar were on good terms when she called him.

Bradley said her 16-year-old daughter also told her that when she got home, she was falling over in the living room, knocked over an end table, and also broke her heels. She said her daughter told her that Lamar dragged her to the bed and threw her onto it, as seen in the video at the top of the story. During the time that Bradley and Lamar were talking, he had been to Bradley’s home before and had met her daughter, so he was no stranger to Bradley’s daughter.

“When I spoke to Chasidee, she told me that I was stumbling and falling down the stairs like twenty times and was trying to put my code in but I couldn’t,” Bradley said. “My daughter told me that she heard a noise, went to the door, and opened it.”

“I was not in my right state of mind,” Bradley said. “Chasidee laughed at me and nothing was funny about it. All she was doing was recording me.

After throwing her on the bed as she appears to be unconscious, Lamar takes Bradley’s phone, leaves, and take Taylor home. He then returns to the home, and Bradley’s 16-year-old daughter opens the door again. Lamar tells her that her mother had left her phone in his car, which was a lie and just an excuse to get back into the home to allegedly rape Bradley.

“He took my phone, so he could have a reason to come back to my house,”Bradley said.

She said that as her daughter was trying to grab the phone from Lamar and close the door, he came up with another excuse, claiming that Bradley’s friends had also told him to come back and check on her. Bradley said her daughter told her that she let Lamar in, took him to the room to show him her, and then turned off the light.

“My daughter told me that Lamar had turned the light back on on, came in my room, and closed the door,” Bradley said. “She told me she had went back to bed because she was tired.”

Bradley told The North Carolina Beat that she doesn’t share certain personal matters with her daughter and didn’t tell her about her falling out with Lamar, so her daughter didn’t find Lamar’s return suspicious.

“I said ‘Mama, I’m not mad at you, and I call her Mama because she’s my only girl…but I said ‘Mama, I’m not mad at you, but moving forward, don’t ever open the door for anybody, and I don’t care who it is,'” Bradley said she told her 16-year-old daughter.

Bradley was unaware that Lamar had allegedly raped her until the following morning when she woke up.

The next morning, on Sunday, January 14th, Bradley said she woke up feeling disoriented and realized she was naked. She said she knew what a hangover feels like because she’s had them before, but this was different.

“That was not that,” Bradley said. “I felt really bad, didn’t feel good.”

Bradley said she called Kiara to discuss her car, which had been towed after she left it at Club 704. She said they started discussing Saturday and everything they did that day. When she mentioned to Kiara, “we saw Lamar last night,” Kiara reportedly responded, “Yeah, I know because he took you home.”

“I said, ‘He took me home?'” “I told her I’ll call her right back,” Bradley said. “I wake up naked, my clothes on the floor, and my n**** not in my bed because my n**** would’ve been in my bed, and my n**** in my bed is not rape.”

Bradley said she had messaged Lamar on WhatsApp because he had blocked her. She asked him why she had woken up naked with her clothes on the floor. Bradley said, he told her that she knew what she had done, which confused her because she had no idea. She hadn’t seen Lamar since January 4th. Next thing she knew, he hung up on her.

She called Kiara back and asked her if she could give her a ride to pick up her car. Once in the car with Kiara, she asked her to call Lamar because he had blocked her on Imessage. Once on the phone, she said she had told Lamar that she wasn’t finished talking to him and that he needed to unblock her number.

“My intuition was telling me something because the way I was feeling was not good,” Bradley said. “Even when I used the bathroom, my anus was hurting me.”

Once Bradley picked up her car, she said she drove to her bestie’s house, but she wasn’t there. She said her best friend told her that she was at her grandma’s house. Bradley asked her to send the address.

While checking her messages and waiting for the address, she mentioned that she didn’t know how it happened, but a photo of her unconscious with semen on her face popped up. Lamar had used her phone and took a photo of her face after he allegedly raped her.

Midoria Bradley
Midoria Bradley

“I saw the picture and had to hang up the phone with my best friend,” Bradley said. “I’m looking at the the picture like ‘what is going on’.

Bradley said she texted Lamar and confronted him about what he did to her. She told him that she was calling the police, and she followed through with her threat. Lamar responded to Bradley’s text with a video that Taylor recorded, showing him allegedly forcing Bradley to give him oral sex.

Later on Sunday, Bradley went to the hospital to undergo an examination and have a rape kit taken.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is investigating this incident.


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