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Carlisha Hood reportedly fires attorney who allegedly pressured her to file lawsuit against Chicago


Chileeeeeeee, there is a lot of drama happening behind the scenes concerning Carlisha Hood, the woman who was violently attacked by a man in Chicago before her 14-year-old son killed him.

The North Carolina Beat is learning some thangs concerning the female attorney who claimed she helped get Carlisha and her son out of jail after killing Jeremy Brown. But one Chicago-known activist is calling Ari Williams a “bogus” lawyer. Activist Jedidiah Brown said he did not know that Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son had been in jail six days before a video surfaced and the story went viral.

Activist Jedidiah Brown

Jedidah said he does know that no one did anything to help Carlisha Hood and her son’s case but bring awareness, including Williams. He said Chicago State’s Attorney Kim Foxx got up at 5 am on June 27, went to her office, read the case, and dropped those charges, and anybody else claiming they helped is “bogus” taking shots at Williams.



A text message obtained by The North Carolina Beat reportedly shows Carlisha Hood sending a text message to Williams, telling her she would like to drop the lawsuit because she was under pressure at the time. 


Photo Credit: The Wiley Show (Youtube)

Reportedly, Williams did not want to drop the lawsuit, so Hood fired her.

Attorney Ari Williams

A few days ago, Carlisha Hood and Jedidiah linked up at his home, while Jedidiah brought up the woman who claims she recorded the shooting at the Maxwell Street Express to tell what she saw. On Facetime, Carlisha met the woman for the first time and thanked her for recording and posting the video that made her and her son’s fight easier.

The North Carolina Beat also learned that Hood also told Williams that she didn’t appreciate her posting a photo of her son on social media. That is said to have also been another reason Hood did not want William’s representation any longer.

It is also rumored that Williams was nowhere in the picture at first concerning Hood and her son. Rumor has it that Williams was nearby and overheard what was happening, told Hood that she was an attorney and could help them, and made them sign paperwork. That do corroborate with the text message Hood allegedly sent Williams, asking for the lawsuit to be dropped because she under pressure at the time of her release.

Initially, Williams tried to charge Hood $70,000, and they didn’t have the funds. Then Williams told Hood that if she paid the retainer fee, she could start the process. But she never filed court documents on behalf of Hood and her son by Williams before they were released and their charges dropped.

At this time, it is unknown how all of this will play out. We have not heard or seen anything from Williams since Jedidah called her out.

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  1. That “lawyer” preyed on her in a moment of anxiety and chaos for her and her son all for a quick dollar like so many “lawyers” do and that is sick and those type of lawyers always end up making themselves look bad. Im glad ms. Hood realized that the lady caught her at a bad time and rushed her to make a decision that she was unclear about at that time. I just want to know how Williams thought she could refuse to drop the suit and had not even gotten the retainer fee or filed any type of paperwork on their behalf.
    *I read this story in Gerald’s voice*

  2. I follow Jed, have for 5 or more years, with that being said there have been times that I did not agree with Jed but, on this incident I do ! People esp with power or think they have power tend to “use” or “prey” on people to their own advantage. Should be interesting to see the outcome.


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