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Cafeteria workers in North Carolina walk out to demand better pay, students being fed broccoli in a bag and sandwiches


Word On The Curb…Cafeteria workers in the Guilford County, North Carolina school system are walking off the job to demand better pay. As a result, the kids had to eat broccoli served in a weed bag and some stale sandwiches that were stuck together like two butt cheeks on a plate.

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On Monday, 200 food and nutrition services workers with Guilford County Schools stood outside the administration building in Greensboro, demanding better pay.

Nutrition workers say they have been underpaid for years and have remained silent about it, but they have reached a breaking point.

“Sometimes, we get taken advantage of being in the cafeteria. We’re just the lunch people … and nobody is hearing our voice,” Ahmad Haamid, told Fox8.

According to online reports, cafeteria workers are earning approximately $15 per hour, while assistant managers are earning $16 and $17 per hour. Managers are reportedly earning around $18 per hour.

Last Monday, the district presented the group with a bonus program in which managers can earn a quarterly bonus in addition to their hourly pay based on the number of lunches served.

The proposed system provides an additional $240 for 100 to 200 meals served, and up to $2,400 for 900 meals and above.

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Right now, some of the men and women walking out are working two or three jobs to keep up with rising costs. They arealso fighting against continued short-staffing.

A mother named Kia Hannah, whose daughter attends Smith High School, posted a picture of a lunch plate that her daughter was served at school. This happened because the cafeteria workers walked out to demand better pay.

Smith High School, Greensboro, North Carolina


Lunch served at Smith High School

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  1. Now they know they were beyond wrong for that sht the could have gotten them chips and fruit to go with it but guess who did it? The ones that are making the $17+/hr.
    I know walkouts are short notice but them people (managers/assistant managers) knew in enough time to scurry on down to the walmarts/sams club and put those babies together something decent to eat especially after the first day.


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