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Attorney files motion for suspect in Allisha Watts death to be released due to ‘undetermined’ cause of death


The lawyer representing James Dunmore, who is facing murder charges in the tragic death of his girlfriend, Allisha Watts, is requesting his release following the recent release of the autopsy report on Watts’ pa*sing.

Allicia Watts and her boyfriend, James Dunmore
Allicia Watts and her boyfriend, James Dunmore

Laura M. Baker filed a motion on Thursday urging the courts to change Dunmore’s $1 million secured bond to an unsecured one. She cited new evidence as the basis for the request and emphasized that her client should be set free promptly. The motion stems from the findings of a medical examiner indicating that the cause of Watts’ death was labeled as “Undetermined”.

In August 2023, Allisha Watts, aged 39, was discovered deceased after she was last seen departing from James Dunmore’s residence in Charlotte on July 16. Dunmore’s legal counsel argues that since the medical examiner could not definitively determine how Watts died, the state would struggle to establish Dunmore’s guilt as the perpetrator of Watts‘ demise.

James Dunmore attorney request him to be released after Allisha Watts autopsy released

James Dunmore
James Dunmore

According to the motion obtained by ABC 11 in Raleigh, it read: “without an expert able to state that the death of Ms. Watts was unnatural and/or not an accident, the State cannot survive their ultimate burden of proof in the case of the Defendant and in light of the new evidence, Defendant should be released immediately by the Court pending the State’s further investigation and or dismissal.”

The autopsy was completed on August 29, and the medical examiner did not find any signs of prior trauma. There were no fractures or other injuries discovered during the examination. When Watts‘ body was discovered, it was significantly decomposed, with no internal organs present, making it challenging to determine the cause of death.

Law enforcement said Watts‘ remains were found near the Montgomery-Richmond county line.

A toxicology report revealed no presence of illegal substances in her system. Friends and family gathered in Moore County, Friday, for a prayer vigil outside the courthouse. Family members expressed frustration at the delay in receiving the autopsy results, only to learn that the cause and manner of death were deemed “undetermined.”

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