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3 arrested for murdering a woman over $65 while playing Kodak Black song ‘Killing the Rats’


Chicago police have arrested Scotty Jobe-Scott, Keith Bassett and Latoya Laramore-Milons after they allegedly beat and stabbed a 29-year-old woman to death and set her body on fire in Riverdale. 

(Left) Scotty Jobe-Scott, (Middle) Keith Bassett and (Right) Latoya Laramore-Milons
(Left) Scotty Jobe-Scott, (Middle) Keith Bassett and (Right) Latoya Laramore-Milons

All three of the suspects are facing murder charges and are said to have been playing a song called “Killing the Rats” by hip-hop rapper Kodak Black, during the stabbing and beating of the victim. Investigators took the accused murderers into custody and charged them with first-degree murder.

Keith Bassett, 55, Latoya Laramore-Milons, 39, and Scotty Jobe-Scott were all charged. On December 9, around 3:20 a.m., 911 received a phone call regarding a structure fire and discovered the body of 29-year-old Danielle Banks in the fire. Police said Banks’ body was burned beyond recognition, so they had to release public photos of her ornate wristwatch. They also described the tattoo on her upper right arm, which depicted praying hands wrapped with a rosary and the word “faith” underneath.

Danielle Banks was beat until her eye fell out of the socket

Danielle Banks
Danielle Banks

Police said that while the alleged suspects stabbed and beat Banks until her eye fell out, they were playing “Killing the Rats” as she cried out in pain and for help. According to WBBM, they were essentially trying to drown out her pleas for help. Afterward, police said the suspects burned Banks’ body so she would not be identifiable.

Before the crime, police stated that Laramore-Milons had used the internet to search for “murder and burned body”. According to prosecutors, Banks was killed because she owed money to the alleged suspect.

Victim’s father says she was killed over $65

Bank’s father told local reporters that his daughter owed $65. He said she had become entangled in drug use. He added that he has been helping people overcome addictions for more than three decades, following his own struggle with addiction.

All suspects are in the Cook County Jail without bail.


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