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19-year-old Raleigh woman agreed to $1,200 compensation from youth pastor before exposing him on Facebook for allegedly raping her


A 19-year-old girl from Raleigh, North Carolina alleges that a guy she once had feelings for and who is also an Elder of the Gospel allegedly raped her in the backseat of his grandfather’s car.

In a social media post, on April 19, 19-year-old Jaida Morris made a post with a photo of an 18-year-old preacher name Adrian Rogers with her caption alleging that he forced her to have sex with him, with a screenshot of a text message between the two, with her messages blacked out from being seen and Roger’s seemingly admitting to the act.

Jaida Morris
Jaida Morris

Thankfully, The North Carolina Beat has obtained those text messages after speaking with both, Morris and Rogers. In the social media post, Morris alleged that Rogers was “not a man of God” and accused him of sexually assaulting her in November 2023, with no consequences. During our discussion with Morris, she mentioned that the detective from the Raleigh Police Department handling her case informed her that there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

Adrian Rogers said he and Jaida Morris met at a funeral home

Rogers shared with The North Carolina Beat that in 2022, Morris had visited the funeral home where he worked to handle matters with her mother. During their interaction, Morris expressed her interest in the funeral home industry. Rogers mentioned that they had a chat and decided to exchange contact details to assist her in pursuing a career in the business.

“She was adamant about working at the funeral home where I was at and saying that her goal was to learn from me,” Rogers said.

He informed her that he couldn’t guarantee a job at his current workplace but assured her that he could provide guidance on how to proceed. After swapping phone numbers, Rogers emphasized to Morris that he would support her in securing a position at a funeral home, maintaining a professional and focused tone throughout their conversation.

He said he helped Morris apply to several funeral homes, but they essentially turned her down because they were seeking individuals with experience, and Morris lacked any. Rogers said he told her about another funeral home because he wanted her to leave him alone about working at a funeral home since it was becoming overwhelming.

Rogers said Morris wanted to pursue a ‘romantic relationship’ with him

Youth Pastor Adrian Rogers
Youth Pastor Adrian Rogers

At some point down the road, Rogers said that Morris expressed her desire to pursue a “romantic relationship” with him. He said Morris also expressed that she wanted to be his “First Lady”, work at his funeral home if he decided to open his own practice, and that she wanted to have his children.

“At that point, I began to get to know her a little bit more,” Rogers said.

After a few months, Rogers mentioned that Morris had gone to Baltimore to spend time with loved ones for about “two or three months.” During this time, Rogers began talking to his current girlfriend in July 2022. He said before Morris left, he communicated to her that he was not able to sustain a long-distance relationship.

“When she found out I was dating my girlfriend, she called me and fussed me out saying I was supposed to be with her and she was supposed to be my girlfriend,” Rogers said. “She was having a whole mental breakdown.”

Rogers alleged that Morris exhibited emotional distress by crying, shouting, and using profanity during their conversation. He further stated that she insisted he end his current relationship as they were meant to be together.

Jaida Morris allege in Facebook post that Adrian Rogers allegedly raped her

In a Facebook post last month, Morris shared that in November 2023, Rogers approached her while she was babysitting and engaged in inappropriate behavior. She advised against supporting Rogers, noting his current role as a pastor. Morris also mentioned that Rogers had blocked her on all social media platforms and claimed to have evidence supporting her allegations.


Jaida Morris April 19, 2024, Facebook post about Adrian Rogers allegedly raping her.
Jaida Morris April 19, 2024, Facebook post about Adrian Rogers allegedly raping her.

Adrian Rogers and current girlfriend was having relationship issues before alleged sexual assault

Rogers told The North Carolina Beat that earlier on Saturday, November 18, 2023, he and his current girlfriend had gone to an event together. They were arguing, having issues, and not talking to each other. He said he dropped off his girlfriend and went home.

While at home, Rogers said he was lying in bed when he came across a Facebook post from Morris still looking for a funeral home to work at. He said he sent her a text message asking if she still needed help and that he could recommend her to other funeral homes. Rogers said that he asked Morris if they should “talk in person or over the phone” about it and claimed that Morris told him that he could come in person.

Text messages obtained by The North Carolina Beat show that Morris left the decision up to Rogers on what he wanted to do. Rogers responded, “Well, I won’t bother you then by coming,” to which Morris told him, “Your not bothering me.” “They’re sleep,” she said, referring to the children she was babysitting that night.

Night of the alleged assault

Rogers told The North Carolina Beat that he arrived at the address provided by Morris, where she was babysitting on Lakewoodard Drive. During the course of their intimate encounter, he stopped when Morris reportedly told him ‘no’. Eventually, he said they started having sex again.

“Then, I had a come to Jesus moment and freaked out and panic,” Rogers said. “While I’m panicking, she is telling me ‘it’s okay, it’s okay, we’re not going to say nothing'”.

Later that night, Rogers said that Morris mentioned that he had forced her to have sex with him. The next day, he said Morris contacted him and mentioned that she needed “some kind of compensation” because the previous night’s events had caused her trauma. He said he offered Morris $100 a week for 12 weeks starting when he got paid.

Rogers told us that he agreed to pay Morris because he didn’t want his girlfriend, with whom he was having issues, to know that he and Morris had sex. When trying to explain his “OMG I RAPED YOU” text message to Morris in the screenshot she shared on Facebook, Rogers claimed he forgot to use a question mark and was speaking in a way that showed he was shocked by the allegations Morris was making.


Jaida Morris said Adrian Rogers admitted to raping her on the night of November 18, 2023.
Jaida Morris said Adrian Rogers admitted to raping her on the night of November 18, 2023.

In the text messages, you can’t see Morris’s responses to Rogers because she blacked out her messages, so the public would not know what she said when she posted it on Facebook in April. When asked if he had all the messages exchanged between him and Morris from that night, he replied, “I do not.”

The messages Rogers provided to The North Carolina Beat, shows that all of his messages were deleted in the conversation that was most incriminating to him. He said the messages were deleted after sending them from his phone to his iPad – which we did not believe because there were other messages part of the November 18, 2023, conversation sent to the iPad that showed his and Morris’s texts and replies.


Deleted text messages by Adrian Rogers that he provided to The North Carolina Beat.
Deleted text messages by Adrian Rogers that he provided to The North Carolina Beat.

Rogers insists that he did not rape Morris and that the payoff was merely for her to keep quiet about his girlfriend finding out.

Jaida Morris said Adrian Rogers were interested in her

In our chat with Jaida Morris, who generously shared all the unerased text exchanges between her and Rogers, she echoed Rogers’ account of their encounter at the funeral parlor. According to her, her mother, a chaplain at the time, and she visited the funeral home where Rogers was employed to get a foot mold for a young departed soul.

She said Rogers pursued her since that day and often had high expectations of her that she wasn’t okay with. Morris said Rogers expected her to be in the church with him all the time, have a female friend, but allow him to do girlfriend things with that friend, which she did not agree with.

“But for a couple of months, we stopped talking until he had texted me and asked if I needed help finding a funeral home to work at, but I wanted to work at the one where he was,” Morris said.

She said that Rogers had offered to meet her in person or discuss the business over the phone. There was no problem with him coming to her because they always hung out, linked up, and had no bad blood. She said everything was okay until she got into the car with Rogers.

He started touching on me and I told him ‘NO’

Morris said that when she got in the car with Rogers, he started touching her, to which she responded by telling him ‘no’ and mentioning that she had a boyfriend. She also reminded him that he had a girlfriend. Morris said moments later, Rogers forced her to have sex with him. 

She provided text messages that could imply that Rogers allegedly sexually assaulted Morris that night.

‘Just let’s not let that happen again’

After the alleged assault, Morris sent a text to Rogers instructing him to “not let that happen again” and emphasizing the importance of listening “when someone says no.” Rogers responded, acknowledging her and calling himself “dumb” for his actions. He also mentioned that his life was “messed up” and he meant “big time.”


As the conversation continues between the two, Morris says to Rogers, “You kinda just forced me to have sex with you,” showing that she was upset because Rogers brought up that his actions were not okay, considering he has a girlfriend.

Rogers responds to Morris, stating that “it shouldn’t have happened,” and clarifies that his intention was solely to assist her in the funeral home business. 

“OMG I RAPED YOU,” Rogers said to Morris in the next text. “How much money do you want?”

Morris asked Rogers, “Money for what?” He responds, “for settlement.” For clarity, Morris asked Rogers if he wanted to keep her quiet and inquired whether he thought she would tell someone.

“I know you are, it’s what every does,” Rogers replied.

Morris said no one would believe her if she said anything and that she’d rather not embarrass herself.


‘I need some type of compensation for this’

Two days after the incident, on November 20, Morris sent Rogers a text message requesting compensation for the alleged rape. She claimed that she had been sick, throwing up, and unable to look at herself the same way. Rogers agreed that he had been feeling the same way and that Morris didn’t deserve “it all.”

“Yeah, so ima need some compensation,” Morris tells Rogers.

Rogers asked Morris how much money she wanted. He told her that he could pay $100 for 12 weeks when he got paid. He told Morris that he didn’t get paid much and couldn’t compensate her for her pain, but could give her something for it.

“That’s fine,” $100 is fine,” Morris agreed.

Morris then asked Rogers how he would be paying her, to which he said through Cash App. After Morris inquired about the timeframe, Rogers told her that payments would start after his Disney trip.




  1. She knew what she was doing when she invited him over there at night. That could’ve been discussed on the phone or the next day at the funeral home. She probably made these messages up. I’m sorry but I don’t believe her

  2. What?! She should of kept same energy?! Of course she was gonna half way play nice it’s his word against hers she did what she had to do to get proof. That man clearly SAed her then talking about I don’t have much but I can give u this lil hundred a week when I come back from Disney trip. Are u kidding he out here in these streets chilling taking trips while she is dealing with being SAed and rollercoaster of emotions and probably blaming herself when it was not her fault and you have the audacity to say if she switched up because she couldn’t get justice of course she did young real ignorant and can’t believe you actually wrote this comment that’s like you trying to get the killer who robbed your mom to confess to the crime and when the cops do nothing you get mad that’s what normal people do tf you need help smh

  3. She really tried with her baby reverse psychology. She should’ve kept the same energy throughout the whole process. You forgave him and kept a sound relationship after the incident. Then, Jackle and Hyde when you didn’t get lawful justice. Smh


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