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Charlotte mobile hairstylist caught on camera returning a $2,000 Fendi purse she stole from a client’s home


Word On The Curb…A crafty hairstylist in Charlotte, North Carolina has been up to some shady business, allegedly stealing from her clients’ homes. One victim even managed to catch the thief red-handed on camera returning a stolen Fendi bag.

Deidre Baker spilled the tea to The North Carolina Beat, revealing that she had enlisted the services of Tanisha Smith, a mobile hairstylist hailing from Charlotte, to do her hair last Friday. However, it seems Smith had more than just hair on her mind. Baker recounted last Friday, with Smith arriving at her doorstep bright and early at 8:45 a.m., and starting on her hair at 9:15 a.m. after getting set up.

Baker said Smith was done with her hair at 1:30 p.m., before leaving with a black shoulder bag and a mysterious black suitcase in tow. It wasn’t until Baker went to switch bags that she noticed her prized $2,000 Fendi ‘By The Way Mini’ Small Boston Leather Bag had vanished from its spot among her shoes and coats. Baker called Smith, only to be met with the dreaded voicemail.

 At 2:42 p.m., Baker shot Smith a text message, urging her to ring back. Lo and behold, Smith finally called prompting Baker to ask if her missing Fendi bag had accidentally found its way into Smith’s possession, to which Baker said Smith denied having the bag.

After hanging up with Smith, Baker dialed up her bestie to spill the tea on the whole bag debacle. Her friend wasted no time and dialed up Smith to get the scoop, dropping the bomb that Baker was ready to take legal action. And just like that, Smith suddenly had a change of heart and promised to return the bag.

Thanks to Baker’s trusty doorbell camera, we caught Smith red-handed as she carefully placed the Fendi bag in a crate on Baker’s porch at 6:38 p.m., Friday evening. But the real head-scratcher was why Smith would pull such a stunt, especially considering she had been doing Baker’s hair for sometime.

Mobile hairstylist Tanisha Smith pictured returning the Fendi bag she stole from her client's home.
Mobile hairstylist Tanisha Smith pictured returning the Fendi bag she stole from her client’s home.

In the text messages, Smith told Baker that “it was an accident” and that she apologize.


In another message, Smith stated that she wasn’t a thief.

And picture this – think of all the homes Smith has visited where there’s no camera footage to capture her actions.

Baker mentioned that Smith gave her a refund for the hairstyle, but also wanted to bring awareness about it.

“I just don’t want it to happen to someone else, who may use her,” Baker said.

The North Carolina Beat contacted Tanisha Smith for a statement, and she swiftly fired back, demanding to know how we got our hands on her digits.


  1. She told on herself twice once she offered the client a full refund. Smh
    Yes. She knows she’s guilty of stealing. lil bum

  2. I’m very surprised at TC’s actions. She has been braiding my hair as well has my family’s hair for some years now. She has never given me the impression to be a thief or anything like that but unfortunately, she has lost my business.

  3. Chile Boo… that wasn’t a mistake and she needs all the smoke that she’s receiving. I cannot stand a thief!!!


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