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14-year-old ALLEGES American Airlines flight attendant taped iPhone to toilet seat to record her using bathroom


Word On The Curb…a predator allegedly hired by American Airlines taped his iPhone to a toilet seat before a 14-year-old girl entered to use the restroom.

The 14-year-old caught the pedo flight attendant red handed.

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It all happened at the Charlotte Douglas Airport in Charlotte when a North Carolinian couple claimed that their daughter was on board an American Airlines flight earlier this month. A flight attendant recorded her in the bathroom with an iPhone taped to the toilet seat.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Tape iPhone to toilet seat to record 14-year-old girl.
American Airlines Flight Attendant Tape iPhone to toilet seat to record 14-year-old girl.

The couple, whose identity has not been released, said they were headed to Boston, Massachusetts on September 2 with their two daughters to help their son move for school.

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The couple said their 14-year-old daughter got up to use the bathroom in the coach section where they were seated, but a male flight attendant told the little girl that she could use the bathroom in first class because it was “faster”. The flight attendant appeared to be in his late 20s or early 30s, according to the child’s parents.

The couple said the flight attendant then stopped their daughter from entering so he could go in before her to wash his hands, he claimed. When he came out, he informed the girl that the seat was broken and that they would repair it. However, the dad said the flight attendant told his daughter to not worry about it.

When the girl came out, she told her parents that she had noticed a red sticker on the inside of the toilet seat lid that read: “seat broken”. The girl said she used the toilet, and afterwards, she noticed there was an iPhone underneath with the camera lenses facing out.

The couple said their daughter took a photo of the phone hidden under the tape and showed it to her mother. The mother rushed inside the bathroom to see for herself, but by the time she arrived, the phone had already disappeared.

The couple said American Airlines has been quiet and has not followed up with them about this incident.

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