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1 dead among 3 poisoned at Burke Street Pub in Winston-Salem after cleaner was left in beer lines


Burke Street Pub beer kills 1 man among 3 poisoned

A 31-year-old man died after being one of three individuals poisoned at Burke Street Pub in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The poisoning occurred due to a cleaner being left in the beer line.

Outside photo of Burke St. Pub. CREDIT: Sneaky Lil Tango (Google)

It’s a damn shame.

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On Thursday, family members of 31-year-old Connor Sebastian said that he died as a result of poisoning at the bar.

Connor Sebastian

Family members of Sebastian told local reporters that he had been in the hospital for several days following the drink he consumed at Burke Street Pub, located on Burke Street in Winston-Salem.

According to his family members, he was readmitted to the hospital and died on Thursday morning.

In a 911 call at 8:18 p.m. on November 9, a caller who was at the bar and is believed to have been an employee told dispatchers, “We believe that the beer line cleaners left a poisonous cleaner in one of the lines.”

The caller continued.

“I have three customers who have ingested it. On Tuesdays, people come in to clean our beer lines out. I think they left cleaner in one of the beer lines, because all three of these people drank the exact same beer and immediately beganvomiting. They said it was burning their throats, burning their mouth. Two of them have gone to the hospital and one of them is still here.”

The caller told the dispatcher to that the customer who were still at the bar was “violently vomiting.” She told the dispatcher when asked if the caller was conscious, that she had to “kind of slap him awake.”

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The caller did not state to the 911 dispatcher the name of the company that left the cleaner in the beer line.

Burke Street Pub released the following statement:

“Burke Street Pub extends its condolences to the family and would ask that the media respect the family’s privacy at this time,” the statement reads. “Burke Street Pub will not be making any further public statements at this time.”

The health status of the other two victims are unknown.

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