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Woman involved in Montgomery brawl sentenced to anger management classes


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Word On The Curb… One of the women involved in getting beaten up during the brawl that took place on August 5 at the Montgomery, Alabama riverfront has been sentenced to anger management classes.

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Montgomery police charged five individuals in the incident: 24-year-old Allen Todd, 21-year-old Mary Todd, 42-year-old Reggie Ray, 48-year-old Richard Roberts, and 26-year-old Zachary Shipman.

24-year-old Allen Todd, 21-year-old Mary Todd, 42-year-old Reggie Ray, 48-year-old Richard Roberts and 26-year-old Zachary Shipman.

On Friday, all five defendants appeared in court, but only one, Mary Todd, was sentenced.

Police say Mary pleaded guilty to harassment as part of a plea agreement. She has 90 days to complete the classes and must pay the court costs associated with her case.

Mary Todd

Three of the defendants, Allen Todd, Reggie Ray, and Zachary Shipman, had their cases continued. While Richard Roberts was still waiting for his case to be heard on Friday afternoon.

The Todds and Shipman were each charged with one count of third-degree assault in the brawl incident, while Roberts was charged with two counts of third-degree assault. Ray was charged with disorderly conduct for hitting people on the head with a folding chair.

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It started when the co-captain of the Harriott II cruise ship, which was carrying 227 passengers, attempted to dock in its designated spot. However, they discovered that a private boat had already occupied the space, as reported by Montgomery Police Chief Darryl Albert in August.

The Harriott II and its passengers waited for about 45 minutes while the co-captain, Damien Pickett, attempted to contact the occupants of the docked boat using a PA system. “But they were only responded to with obscene gestures, curse words, and taunting,” Albert said.

Pickett was then picked up by a young dock worker in another boat and taken to the dock. Albert said that Pickett wanted to speak with the occupants of the boat and persuade them to move. The boat occupants confronted the captain in a “very hostile manner,” the chief said.

Pickett was “attacked by several members of the private boat” and was treated at a hospital that night, the chief said. Several crew members of the Harriott II came to Pickett’s defense, according to the chief.

The brawl was caught on video.

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