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Wisconsin man shot and killed his wife on her 60th birthday because he got tired of her yelling at him


A man from Wisconsin has been arrested and charged following his confession to shooting and killing his wife on her 60th birthday, last Saturday just around 12:45 p.m. 

Timothy Darnell Lewis, aged 59, faces charges of first-degree reckless homicide and use of a dangerous weapon in connection with the death of his wife, Jacqueline Beason. The incident occurred as Beason was seated in her car outside a beauty salon in downtown Milwaukee.

Timothy Darnell Lewis
Timothy Darnell Lewis

According to court records obtained from Milwaukee FOX affiliate WITI, responding officers found Beason unconscious and slumped towards the passenger side of her gray Toyota Corolla. Lewis informed investigators that he resorted to using his gun after being yelled at by Beason and her daughter, stating that he “just lost it right there.”

He admitted to shooting Beason once, believing the shot hit her jaw, and claimed sole responsibility for the act, according to court documents.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers observed a significant amount of blood and a white substance emanating from Beason’s head, resulting from a single gunshot wound. Despite attempts at CPR by the officer until medical personnel arrived, Beason was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shot in the left cheek

Jacqueline Beason was shot and killed on her 60th birthday.
Jacqueline Beason was shot and killed on her 60th birthday.

According to medical examiners present at the scene, it was determined that Beason sustained a gunshot wound to her left cheek. Court records indicated that a bullet was found to have exited from the back of her head.

Daughter heard arguing before shooting

According to legal records, Beason was engaged in a phone conversation with her daughter just prior to being shot by Lewis. The daughter recounted hearing an argument between Beason and Lewis, during which Beason accused Lewis of disrespecting her and her daughters. Beason reportedly instructed Lewis to put away his gun, prompting the daughter to express alarm upon learning of the weapon’s presence.

Beason reassured her daughter that the gun was not real. Subsequently, the daughter heard Lewis make a statement before the call abruptly ended, although she did not hear any gunshots, leading her to believe the call had been disconnected.

A bystander informed law enforcement that they observed a black male brandishing a black semiautomatic pistol towards a woman seated in a Corolla

Following this exchange, the bystander reported hearing a single gunshot after the male responded affirmatively and then departed in a Mercedes. 


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