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Video shows North Carolina deputy grabbing non-aggressive man by his dreadlocks before tasering him


Community members in Roxboro, North Carolina are expressing dissatisfaction following the circulation of a video depicting a Person County Sheriff’s Deputy grabbing a man by his dreadlocks and using a taser on him. The incident, which occurred on Monday, May 13 at the Brookwood Apartments in Roxboro, involved 30-year-old Corey Outlaw, who was identified by police responding to a report of a man breaking windows.

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The video footage captures the deputy in close proximity to Outlaw, yet not making an attempt to apprehend him, despite the perceived ease of doing so. As the video progresses, another individual is seen obstructing a deputy wearing a hat, who appears to be trying to reach Outlaw.

30-year-old Corey Outlaw
30-year-old Corey Outlaw

Outlaw is then observed attempting to restrain the other individual, known only as “Bill” in legal documents. Subsequently, the deputy with the hat grabs Outlaw by his dreadlocks and administers a taser shock to his back. Outlaw falls to the ground and is hit with another taser shock.

Following these events, Person County Deputies are seen carrying Outlaw’s motionless body away from the scene.

Person County Sheriff Jason Wilborn defends deputies actions against Outlaw

Person County Sheriff Jason Wilborn commented on the arrest and the video, stating that he did not “see anything that where they (his deputies) violated any policy.”

“And as a matter of fact, they probably used more de-escalation tactics as far as verbally trying to de-escalate the subject more than common”, Sheriff Wilborn told local reporters.

As per legal records, Outlaw faced charges of resisting arrest and possessing a concealed weapon during his apprehension by law enforcement. Wilborn stated that deputies found it necessary to administer two taser shocks to Outlaw as, despite falling to the ground initially, he persisted in noncompliance with their instructions.

It’s absolutely bonkers how the deputy in the hat decided to zap the peaceful one with the taser, while the guy screaming in his face managed to dodge the shock. 


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