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VIDEO: New video shows North Carolina pastor Dwayne Waden & wife’s co-worker fight inside McDonald’s


Pastor Dwayne Waden was arrested and charged with simple assault on Thursday, December 28, 2023, after his wife, LaToya Waden called him about her co-worker disrespecting her. LaToya had made several complaints to her store manager in the past about the employee and her complaint was ignored leading to a fight between her husband and the co-worker.

Pastor Dwayne Waden and his wife, first-lady LaToya Waden
Pastor Dwayne Waden and his wife, first-lady LaToya Waden

The North Carolina Beat has received surveillance footage of a fight inside a McDonald’s in High Point, North Carolina, located on South Main Street. The altercation involved the pastor of Elevated Life International Ministries in High Point and his wife’s co-worker, identified by The North Carolina Beat as Theodore Garlingyon.

In an interview with The North Carolina Beat on Tuesday night, LaToya said that she had been experiencing issues with Theodore and had filed complaints against him. She said he would constantly berate her with vulgar language, referring to her as a “b*tch,” “moth*rf*cker,” and other derogatory names whenever they worked together. LaToya stated that the store manager of McDonald’s ignored her complaints about Theodore, who also had managerial authority.

Theodore Garlingyon

Pastor and wife clear up viral story alleging he tried to put Theodore Garlingyon in a deep fryer

Pastor Dwayne Waden told Gerald Jackson that the circulating story about him was not true. He said he never tried to push Theodore’s head into the deep fryer. (Click here if you missed the interview)

Video shows Pastor Dwayne Waden approach Theodore behind the McDonald’s counter before fight

In surveillance footage obtained by The North Carolina Beat, employees can be seen working for a few seconds before pausing and looking towards the front of the restaurant. Moments later, LaToya Waden walks into the frame and heads towards the deep fryers. She glances around before turning slightly and looking over her right shoulder. Next, you see Pastor Dwayne Waden enter the frame and approach Theodore, who is holding a mop and standing in front of the deep fryers.

Pastor Waden grabs Theodore near the deep fryer before they start fighting. Employees tried to break up the fight and were finally able to separate the men before Theodore called LaToya another derogatory term and Pastor Waden went for him again.

Please watch the video below:


Pastor Waden was charged with simple assault and received a $1,000 unsecured bond.


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