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[VIDEO]: Kansas City man dead after O’Reilly Auto Parts employee sit on him after stealing car fluid


A Kansas City man died after an employee at an O’Reilly Auto Parts store sat on him, while another employee stomped and sat his feet on another man’s neck. This incident occurred after the men were accused of shoplifting.

O'Reilly Auto Parts store
o’Reilly Auto Parts store at N. 47th Street and Parallel Parkway

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The murder occurred on Tuesday at the O’Reilly Auto Parts store, which is located at N. 47th Street and Parallel Parkway, shortly before 6:30 p.m.

According to the Kansas City Police Department, all employees who were involved in the altercation are in police custody, while one of those employees has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. The other employees have yet to be charged, but the second victim, who is suspected of shoplifting, is in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

The deceased man has been identified as Diamond Steen, a 23-year-old. The other victim has not yet been identified.

Diamond Steen

Kansas City Police Chief Karl Oakman said the men stole “some type of car maintenance type fluid.” He said, the manager of the O’Reilly store, Carl Kemppainen allegedly told the two men to stop, but they didn’t. Once the two victims were outside the store, Kemppainen confronted Steen and engaged in a fight, while the other employees attacked the second victim, which Chief Oakman said ultimately resulted in Kemppainen killing Steen.

Carl Kemppainen

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However, residents and eyewitnesses in Kansas City say Kemppainen kneeled on Steen’s neck until he died. Video obtained by The North Carolina Beat shows Kemppainen, who is on the left in the video, appearing to sit on Steen at one point. In the video, Kemppainen can be seen with both of his hands going towards Steen, as if he was choking him. Another employee, with his pants halfway down, could be seen stomping on another victim’s neck and placing his foot there, while a third employee was seen tying up the victim.


Officers attempted CPR on Steen but were unsuccessful.

Oakman said there was no weapon involved, only hand-to-hand fighting.

O’Reilly corporate released a statement about the incident:

O’Reilly Auto Parts is deeply disturbed by the events, death and injuries that occurred at our store in Kansas City, Kansas. We are cooperating fully with the police investigation.

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  1. I’m sorry but none of these items are worth taking someone’s life smh! How sad is this! Throw away the key, and for the other two employees helping with this act they should feel terrible taking another black man’s life!

  2. Oh my God, why do civilians think they should be judge and jury. And to stomp on someone’s neck, all of them deserve to be jailed. They could have held them until cops came… they didn’t have to assault. Nothing but demons in human form.


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