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Tonika Miller sentenced to one year in prison for fatally shooting baby father in the head after they had sex on a playground and admitting that she cheated on him


Tonika Miller sentenced to one year in prison for fatally shooting baby father in the head after they had sex on a playground and admitting that she cheated on him

Word On The Curb… A woman in Indianapolis, Indiana, who was charged in 2022 for shooting the father of her two children in the head after they engaged in late-night sex at an apartment complex playground, has been sentenced to one year in prison.

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The mother, 33-year-old Tonika Miller, pleaded guilty to reckless homicide of 41-year-old Dashawn Roscoe. As a result, two counts of neglect dependent were dismissed against her.

Dashawn Roscoe

According to an affidavit and Miller’s statement to investigators, she said that on the night of May 26, 2022, she had put her two children to bed before they left their apartment around 1 a.m. the next day. Miller told investigators that after a short walk, they had sex on a blanket at the playground of the Carriage House East Apartments complex.

An hour later, investigators reported that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department found Roscoe dead in front of the leasing office and community room, just outside his apartment. The couple’s two children, then 9 months old and 3 years old, were found in the apartment alone. When officers arrived at the scene, they observed what appeared to be human blood on the outer door handle and inside the apartment, specifically on a hallway light switch.

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The probable cause affidavit stated that Miller explained they felt at ease leaving their children at home because the playground was located nearby and they believed it would not take long for them to finish.

Tonika Miller

After engaging in sexual activity, Miller stated that she and Roscoe had an argument, prompting her to bring a gun for protection due to the late hour. She said the argument was about her cheating on him, according to the affidavit.

After the brief argument, Miller said she left. However, she later tracked down Roscoe by car and the argument resumed, this time involving physical pushing. That’s when the argument led to Miller shooting Roscoe in the cheek.

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Miller told investigators that the shooting was an accident.

She pulled up next to him in her vehicle. Ms. Miller stated that she and Mr. Roscoe began to argue, and Mr. Roscoe was asking/trying to sit in Ms. Miller’s lap. Ms. Miller said Mr. Roscoe was facing the vehicle, with his left hand holding onto her steering wheel and his right arm down to his side. Ms. Miller said as she got out of the car, she grabbed Mr. Roscoe’s right wrist with her right hand because she didn’t want him to strike her. Ms. Miller stated that she also had her handgun with her in her right hand. When asked to clarify this statement, Ms. Miller changed her story and said it was in her left hand.

Ms. Miller continued to say that once she was outside of the vehicle, she was going to attempt to get back into the car on the passenger side so that Mr. Roscoe could drive home. Ms. Miller stated Mr. Roscoe pushed her in the back. She then turned around with the gun in her right hand and struck Mr. Roscoe on his right shoulder. Ms. Miller stated she saw the gun go off, striking Mr. Roscoe in the right cheek with a single round.

During further interrogation, the affidavit said Miller stated that she had removed the safety from the handgun when she brought it to the park with her and Roscoe to have sex. She said she took it off because she could use it more quickly in an emergency.

Citing surveillance video, authorities said it appeared that Roscoe “shoved” Miller before she pushed back and struck him “while holding her gun.”

“Mr. Roscoe immediately drops to the ground. Miller then tries to apply pressure around Mr. Roscoe’s head,” the affidavit continued. “Ms. Miller is then observed on video surveillance getting into her vehicle and driving to the middle of the parking lot near the front of her building, running inside, and then running back to Mr. Roscoe’s body on foot. Ms. Miller stays with Mr. Roscoe’s body until IMPD arrives on the scene.”

On Monday, Dec. 4, Miller was sentenced to six years, with two of those years suspended, one year to be served in state prison, and three years to be serve under community supervision/home detention.

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