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Todd Tucker says he wants a break from Kandi Burruss, seemingly having marital problems


Not Todd insinuated that he’s going to go to Tampa, just like Ralph, Drew Sidora’s ex-husband, did…ooop!

Word In The Burruss Household… It seems like Todd Tucker has had enough of Kandi Burruss, and he’s ready to pack his bags along with his children and run for the hills. Seems like Todd can’t get his name added to the house, can’t catch a break from the kids, doesn’t have enough money to keep up with the Kandi’s, can’t go hangout with his friends, or NOTHING.

Todd Tucker, and wife, Kandi Burruss

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Now, Todd is asking for a break, but Kandi is not having it. Now, many of you may not know, but let us enlighten you. Todd has a YouTube channel called “Todd and The Glam Squad,” which features him, Kandi, Kandi’s makeup artist and hairstylist.

If our guess is correct, Todd is a smart man. On this YouTube channel, they discuss various topics related to marriages and relationships. But after we watched a few of the videos, we learned that Todd & The Glam Squad always seem to talk about things that Todd and Kandi are going through in their marriage.

These discussions always begin as hypothetical, but they always end up being about Kandi and Todd. And quite frankly, it seems like Todd wants the world to know how Kandi responds to some of these topics they discuss on the channel, which seems to have already been discussed privately.

If Kandi doesn’t catch on and start treating her husband right, then she’s going to end up in child support court.

In a recent video, Todd and Kandi seemingly engage in a serious conversation about Todd wanting a break, which Todd says Kandi always seems to have a problem with. Todd insinuated that if Kandi continues to lock him in the house, he will go to Tampa, just like Ralph did.

In another part of the video, Todd discusses how he is constantly surrounded by Kandi’s friends but never gets to spend time with his own friends or just a break from the RHOA star, period.


Do y’all think the couple is headed for separation or divorce soon?

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