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Social media drags St. Louis woman after she put a friend on blast for asking her for a $1 to ride the bus


Hanna Johnson, from St. Louis, Missouri, is being dragged for filth after she shared a screenshot on social media of a friend asking her for $1 to ride the bus. Dashon Fredrick told The North Carolina Beat that he asked Johnson because he thought she was a friend.

(Left) Hannah Johnson (Right) Dashon Fredrick

Word On The Curb…a Cookie Monster look-a-like is facing backlash on social media after she tried to shame a Black man who asked her for a $1. In the current times, people are facing struggles and need help, regardless of gender. A truefriend would have helped if they were able to, but instead of declining, Hannah Johnson chose to publicly shame Dashon Fredrick in an attempt to humiliate and embarrass him.

With all of the people out here robbing others for money, Dashon chose to ask a friend. However, the Cookie Monster look-a-like decided she wanted to gain some attention, but it quickly backfired, causing social media to drag her from head to toe. Hannah had no shame in her game, posting a screenshot of the message with the caption: “To use a dollar is crazy but to use it to go ride a bus is even crazier. I’m so sick of y’all n*gg*s I can’t.”

Hannah Johnson

In the messages, Dashon said, “Can you help me?” to which Hannah responded, “Help you with what?” Dashon responded again and said, “Um, do you have a 1$ I can use?” Hannah was shocked and said, “A 1$, now Dashon.”

“Yea I would appreciate it…trying to rid the bus,” Dashon said.

Instead of saying no, Hannah posted the screenshot on Facebook.

This caught the attention of another woman, who is known as “Real BA” on Facebook. She reposted Hannah’s post and called her out, saying, “Stop tryna tear down black men, people in general and help build them up! I found that she was so weird for posting him so I went out my way. As humans we have to do better, be kinder, be more understanding.”

The post went viral with more than 4,000 shares.

“Real BA” contacted Dashon to explain why she messaged him without sharing what the Cookie Monster look-a-like had posted about him. “Real BA” sent him a few coins, to which he responded thankful.

“Thanks you appreciate dat Jesus gon bless you fr,” Dashon told Real BA.

Dashon told The North Carolina Beat that he had tried to talk to Hannah a while back, which made him feel comfortable asking her.

If you want to bless the young man, his Cash App is $dashonfredrick.


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