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Father says his daughter, whom he buried 23 years ago in Georgia, is missing from her grave after attempting to exhume her body


Kamaron Hickman, the father of six-month-old Jada Kai Hickman, who died in her sleep on March 2, 2001 in Germany, says his daughter’s body is missing from her grave in Augusta, Georgia, after attempting to have her exhumed and cremated.

Kamaron Hickman
Kamaron Hickman

Losing a six-month-old daughter in her sleep is already a nightmare, but for Kamaron Hickman, a father who was in the Army and stationed in Germany at the time, the nightmare continued when his daughter, Jada Kai Hickman, was not found where he burried her.

Six-month-old Jada Kai Hickman
Six-month-old Jada Kai Hickman

In a social media post, Kamaron mentioned that he swiftly moved to Georgia and laid his daughter to rest at Hillcrest Memorial Park in Augusta. Kamaron stated that he had chosen to exhume his beloved daughter’s body, cremate the remains, and take whatever was left of her with him, as he was no longer living close to Augusta.

Hillcrest Memorial Park in Augusta
Hillcrest Memorial Park in Augusta

In his Facebook post on January 3, he mentioned that he drove to Georgia on the 2nd to pick up his daughter’s headstone.

Jada Kai Hickman's headstone.
Jada Kai Hickman’s headstone.

“What was supposed to be a positive experience has turned into an absolute nightmare,” stated Kamron Hickman in his social media post.

‘Dig Day’

On the day his daughter was supposed to be exhumed, Kamaron said he received a phone call saying that his daughter’s remains were not found. He said the staff of the company he was using told him that they “had dug up all 3 plots that we purchased back then with zero success.” Kamaron said the company informed him that they had concluded that his daughter’s remains “may have” returned to the earth.

“I don’t remember alot from that day but I do know she was buried in a white casket, little white shoes, a white dress, a headband and her favorite rattle toy,” Kamaron said.

Towards the end of Kamaron’s post, he mentioned that he was asked if he wanted some soil from the plot for their ceremony, which made him feel uncomfortable.

“I know 23 years is a long time,” Kamaron said. “I’ve made peace with God knowing her soul is with Him in a better place but now this.”

Kamaron ended his post by stating that he simply wants to know where his daughter’s remains are.

“I pray this doesn’t happen to anyone else,” he ended.


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