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‘SHUT THE F-K UP’: Alabama cop Dana Elmore tase black man while in handcuffs as he changed flat tire


An Alabama police department is making efforts to conceal the fact that one of their officers, driven by her white privilege, believed she could escape consequences for using a taser on a black man who had his hands cuffed behind his back.

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“SHUT THE F**K UP”, Officer Dana Elmore from the Reform Alabama Police Department said before she unlawfully used her taser on the black man.

Officer Dana Elmore

According to Jalexis Monea Rice on Facebook, who told The North Carolina Beat, that she is the girlfriend of the man in the video, stated that on Saturday, her boyfriend, Micah Washington, who is seen handcuffed in the video, texted her and informed her that one of the tires on the car had gone flat.

Micah Washington

Rice said that Washington, his brother, and his friend were on the side of the road changing the tire when a police officer named Dana Elmore, pulled up. She said that the officer claimed that they had received a phone call from a woman who stated that there were men walking around a car and it seemed suspicious.

Rice stated that the incident had escalated.

According to a video posted on Rice’s social media, it shows Elmore telling Washington to “stand up” after he was handcuffed. Officer Elmore then lean Washington onto the hood of her patrol car and proceeds to place a taser against his back as he complies.

The white officer then searches through Washington’s pockets, instructing him to “stay still.” In response, Washington says, “I’m not doing shit, bro. I got a gun right there.” Officer Elmore pulls a gun from Washington’s pockets and starts laughing, saying “oh yeah” before she pulls the trigger on her taser.

She shocks Washington in the back and yells at him to “shut the f**k up.”

Washington then begins to cry.

Elmore then asks, “Do you want it again?” as the Washington continues to cry.

“Shut your b***h a*s up,” Elmore says to Washington.

The video then ends.


According to Reform Police Chief Richard Black and Mayor Melody Davis, the officer, who has not yet been identified but is identified by community members as Dana Elmore, is currently on administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident.

Black said they arrested Washington on trafficking charges, but the arrest does not detract from the fact that this officer unlawfully used her taser on a man who was handcuffed.

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The video clearly shows that Washington posed no threat and was not moving in a threatening manner before he was tased.

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