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Missing Dunn N.C. man found dead was reportedly once in dating relationship with accused killer, according to sources


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A man from Dunn, North Carolina, who was reportedly missing for nearly two months until his body was discovered in Harnett County on November 20, has been identified this week. According to an anonymous source, he was previously involved in a secret dating relationship with his alleged killer.

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A source close to the victim, 23-year-old Tyrone Taylor, told The North Carolina Beat that the circulating story about Tyrone sleeping with his sister’s boyfriend, 26-year-old Daquan Seandre Thomas, behind her back is false.

Tyrone Taylor

According to the source, Tyrone and Daquan first started dating in 2016 after reportedly meeting on social media.


During that time, the source said the two men would occasionally meet up and engage in their activities, but Daquan was allegedly downlow and did not want anyone to know that he was attracted to Tyrone. The source said that Tyrone confided in several people about his fling with Daquan and Daquan’s fling with him.

The anonymous source informed us that during the time when Daquan and Tyrone were allegedly messing around, the following year in 2017, Daquan had got into some issues with a girl he was involved with in Spring Lake.

Daquan Seandre Thomas Mugshot (2017)

According to the source, Daquan and the girl were arguing in Spring Lake and something happened. The source said that Daquan kidnapped both of the children in the home, her daughter and his son. Daquan then left, took his son home, and then left the woman’s daughter in an abandoned mobile home.

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The source said that Daquan had to serve a prison sentence, but when he reportedly returned home in 2021, he began a relationship with Tynesha Taylor, who is Tyrone’s sister.

Daquan Seandre Thomas (2021)

During Tynesha’s and Daquan’s relationship, she alleged that he bound her to a chair and burned her. In a domestic violence report dated September 14, she informed the authorities that the incident occurred on August 30. She further stated that Daquan had threatened to “blow her up.”

Tynesha Taylor

On October 10th, Daquan was arrested in connection with the incident. He was charged with second-degree kidnapping, as well as misdemeanor counts of assault on a female and communicating threats.

The source informed us that they were unaware of the recent events that led to Daquan’s alleged act of violence, which resulted in the loss of Tyrone’s life.

What happened to Tyrone Taylor from Dunn, North Carolina?

According to Dunn police, Tyrone was last seen on Tuesday, September 5th. On that day, Tyrone’s mother, Amy Ross, stated that he had gone to visit his father in Sampson County and then came to see her in Dunn before returning to his apartment at Amity Place Apartments on Susan Tart Road in Dunn.

She said the next day, she received a phone call from his father, who said he could not get in touch with Tyrone. His family emphasized that it was unusual for him to be unreachable.

Tyrone nor his car was found at his apartment complex. However, on September 8, police informed Tyrone’s family that they had found his car burned in Cumberland County, North Carolina, 31 miles away.

Sources told The North Carolina Beat that while Daquan was involved with Tynesha, he still had feelings for Tyrone and continued to see him in middle of 2021. Our sources tell us that Tynesha had learned to be comfortable with Daquan’s interest in her and her brother.

On November 20, at approximately 2:35 p.m., Tyrone’s body was discovered while workers were clearing a lot in the 1400 block of Shady Grove Road. At the time, officials were not able to identify the race or sex due to the advanced state of decomposition.

However, on Thursday, November 30th, Tyrone was identified as the deceased victim.

Daquan has been charged with murder and concealing a death.

He remains in jail without bail.

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