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Rocky Mount substitute teacher seen in viral video fighting student found guilty of assault


Word on The Curb…a substitute teacher from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, who went viral in April for putting a beatdown a*s up face down on a high school student, has been found guilty of the assault.

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41-year-old Xaviera Steele could be seen in a video from April, where a student at Rocky Mount High School approached her behind the desk and demanded her cell phone back.

Xaviera Steele

You finna give me my shit, the student says as she walks behind the teacher and appear to go for something.

The student then touched Mrs. Steele, and in response, Mrs. Steele told the student, “Girl, don’t touch me.” The next thing you know, the student tries to hit Mrs. Steele in the face. The next thing you know, Mrs. Steele started whooping that thot and did it a*s up, face down.

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On August 22, Mrs. Steele was found guilty of misdemeanor simple assault against 15-year-old Nevaeh Thompson, the disrespectful child who instigated and provoked her own beatdown.

Nevaeh Thompson

The judge ordered Mrs. Steele to deferred prosecution, which in North Carolina is an agreement that the prosecutor and defendant make for the charges to be dropped after the defendant meets certain requirements.

In Mrs. Steele’s case, the judge sentenced her to unsupervised probation until February 20, 2024, which is a deferred prosecution requirement. If she successfully stays out of trouble until February 2024, the charges will be dropped.


Social media took Mrs. Steele’s side after the video went viral in April due to the student’s display of disrespect, which is a growing issue with teachers being attacked by their students across the country.


Mrs. Steele should never have been charged because she was defending herself, but we are happy that she can put this behind her with a dismissed case in February.

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  1. I hope that lil girl learned her lesson for life. You cant put your hands on people and not expect to get hands put back on you because some people dont mind taking that charge and doing that time no matter how much it is.
    Im not a teach but I am a youth mentor and I have had to get down with a lil boy in my old complex that thought he was tough and could whoop everybody because he whoops on his guardian and bullies other kids. I didnt do too much swinging but I did flip him and put 175lbs right on him. He gave me nothing but the upmost respect til the day I moved. His guardian wasnt mad neither was his grandmother or his sisters and his mom had nothing to say when she came for a visit.
    His grandmother brothers and sisters lived in the apartment across from me and he and his guardian which was his grandmothers sister lived a few buildings away from us.
    Security was called because they didnt know what was going on I told them that he was bullying the other kids again and got buck with me when I told him to go home.
    He told the lil boy “she should have gotten a switch to your a*s and Im mad that she didnt.”


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