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Raleigh Police INFORMANT faces prison time for fake controlled buy drug arrests


Word On The Curb… a sneaky informant from Raleigh, North Carolina is in hot water, looking at a hefty 3.75-year sentence for his role in wrongly nabbing 15 Black men on drug charges.

The tale goes that this informant, Dennis Williams Jr, was in cahoots with ex-detective Omar Abdullah, leading to these unfortunate arrests and botched raids between December 2019 and May 2020. Turns out, the substances Williams was peddling weren’t even illegal drugs, and to top it off, he didn’t even bother to capture his shady dealings on camera. 

15 men charges dismissed after Raleigh police informant conduct fake controlled buys

Fifteen men initially charged in connection with Williams have had their charges dropped, with five of them offering to assist in prosecuting the informant. The former Raleigh detective received a 38-day jail sentence and two years of supervised probation in October 2023 for pleading guilty to obstruction of justice. Abdullah was dismissed from the Raleigh Police Department in November 2021.

Thirteen of the men reached a $2 million settlement with Raleigh for their wrongful arrests.

Williams, who pleaded guilty to five felony counts of obstructing justice, is scheduled for sentencing on June 3, 2024. He could face a prison term ranging from 2.5 to 3.75 years.


  1. Why would he capture a drug buy on Camera????? Not even the police use body/or cameras period to capture drug deals. That would ruin the buy/evidence and cause maybe a death. They use marked bills. So that statement in the story is ludi


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