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Prosecutor seeks the death penalty against an Alabama mother who threw her newborn child, who was still breathing, into a trash compactor


Alabama prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against a mother who threw her newborn child into a trash compactor, arguing that the woman poses a “danger to every living-breathing child.”

On August 18, investigators reported that 18-year-old Jakayla Ashanti Williams gave birth. After her family realized she had delivered the child, Williams allegedly told them a story about handing the child over to a “red-headed” hospital worker earlier that month.

Jakayla Ashanti Williams

Williams’ family traveled with her to Southeast Health Medical Center to get answers, as they had concerns for the child. The hospital staff had no answers. They, however, called the police to report William’s mother’s concerns.

When the Dothan Police arrived, they questioned the family. Investigators then reviewed surveillance footage and found no evidence of Williams ever showing up at the hospital on the day in question.

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Later, Williams admitted to police that she had wrapped her baby in a blanket and then disposed of him in a trash compactor at an apartment complex. The child’s remains were found inside a dumpster, wrapped in a mattress protectorand placed in a closed duffel bag.

Williams told investigators that she did not want to become a mother at her current age and that having a baby “cost too much money”, according to the investigators.

On Friday, during a preliminary hearing, the state announced that they would be seeking the death penalty in Williams’ case, according to a courtroom report by WDHN, an ABC affiliate based in Dothan.

Williams’ defense argued that their client should be granted a reasonable bond in order for her to receive the much-needed mental health treatment.

A prosecutor objected, reportedly describing Williams as a “danger to every living, breathing child.”

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