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One person shot inside Pravda nightclub in downtown Wilmington, suspect under $750K bond


Security was seriously slacking at the Pravda nightclub in downtown Wilmington over the weekend, allowing a man to sneak a gun inside and shoot another person.

The victim is now in the hospital with severe injuries, while the shooter, 29-year-old Antonio Beatty, is cooling his heels in jail, staring down some hefty charges like attempted first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon causing serious harm, and toting around a concealed weapon.

29-year-old Antonio Beatty
29-year-old Antonio Beatty

Shooting at Pravda nightclub in Wilmington, North Carolina

In the wee hours of Sunday, April 14th, the Wilmington Police Department sprang into action following reports of a shooting at a local nightclub. Amidst the chaos of a fleeing crowd, officers bravely rushed towards the gunfire. The suspect, Beatty, was swiftly apprehended after a brief chase on foot.

Inside the establishment, officers tended to the victim until emergency medical services arrived. Beatty made his court appearance on Monday, requesting a court-appointed attorney as his bond was set at a hefty $750,000.

According to District Attorney Ben David’s office, Beatty discharged multiple rounds in the club, striking the victim in the back. He was later found nearby with a firearm in his possession, and an innocent bystander also suffered a gunshot wound to the hip.

Beatty beat murder charge in 2015

In 2015, Beatty was acquitted of a murder charge related to the death of Carlton Whitley.

Whitley was discovered shot in a parking lot on Metting Road. Beatty was cleared of the charges in 2022 after spending seven years in jail.

Authorities have stated that the recent shooting on Sunday morning appears to be an isolated event, assuring the public’s safety.


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