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Ohio teens accused of fatally beating a father of 3 to death outside of a Kroger supermarket


Jamarion Fredrae Evans-Bennett,19,  Dionta Davon Hughes,18, and a third teenager, 17, is charged with murder in the death of 53-year-old Donald “Donnie” Smith, Jr., who was first attacked inside a Kroger supermarket in Columbus, Ohio, before he was fatally stomped outside of the store.

53-year-old Donald “Donnie” Smith, Jr.
53-year-old Donald “Donnie” Smith, Jr.

Police said the attack happened earlier this month outside a Kroger supermarket. The victim, 53-year-old Donald “Donnie” Smith Jr., died as a result of his injuries.

On the night of December 6, police reported that Jamarion Fredrae Evans-Bennett, 19, Dionta Davon Hughes, 18, and a 17-year-old male were fighting with shoppers inside the South High Street Kroger in Columbus. The Columbus Police Department stated that the store security asked the teenagers to leave. After they exited the store, the police stated that they waited for 53-year-old Smith.

(LEFT) Jamarion Fredrae Evans-Bennett and (RIGHT) Dionta Davon Hughes
(LEFT) Jamarion Fredrae Evans-Bennett and (RIGHT) Dionta Davon Hughes

Teen suspects were ‘laughing and enjoying themselves’ as they allegedly beat Donald “Donnie” Smith” Jr. 

Around 7 p.m., eyewitnesses told investigators that they saw the teenagers “laughing and enjoying themselves” as they fatally stomped, kicked, and punched Smith outside the Kroger store. Investigators reported that an armed witness frightened the teenagers away.

“When the victim was on the ground the suspects continued to punch, kick, and stomp on the victim. The victim was unconscious and bleeding from the head area,” according to court documents.

“A witness with a firearm yelled at the suspects to stop the assault. The suspects then fled across the parking lot. This witness stated that the suspects were laughing and enjoying themselves while assaulting the victim.”

Donnie Smith Jr had to undergo brain surgery as a result of his injuries

In a GoFundMe description created for Donnie by his longtime partner and mother of his daughter, 6, and son, 15, Nicole – stated that Donnie was “injured so severely that he had to undergo brain surgery.” According to the description, Nicole said doctors tried to save Donnie life but he did not make it.

Police is still investigating the incident.


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