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Gospel artist Donnie McClurkin said he was robbed recently on his way home back to New York City


Word On The Curb…GEIGH gospel artist Donnie McClurkin was recently robbed a*s up, face down, tying his shoes, and we, the people, say, WHUUUUUUTTTTT?

The gospel legend said he was headed back home to New York City from a concert in Albany, New York, when he was robbed.

This is the second time the gospel artist has found himself in some skrangeee situations…In December 2022, many of you may remember that McClurkin claimed that while he was in Memphis, Tennessee, a man with a dog walked into his hotel room, and the dog started barking and lunging at him. McClurkin claimed he did not let the two in.

After going “ballistic,” McClurkin said, the dog and the man took off running out of the room.

At the time, many people on social media believed that McClurkin might have been tricking, but that could not be confirmed.

In a recent video, McClurkin said he was waiting on a connecting train back to New York City Monday when a man he says he did not know asked him for some food and bought it.

That would be a Christian thing for a gospel artist to do if someone asked them for some food…..but we still got our 👀’s on you, Uncle Donnie.

McClurkin said that after he bought the man some food, the man went away. Not paying any thought to the man, McClurkin said he noticed his shoelaces were untied, and when he went to tie them, the man came and took everything he had and ran.

I’ve never been robbed before, McClurkin said.

McClurkin said the cops were nearby and saw what happened. He said he and the police tried looking for the man but could not find him.

People on social media are starting to believe our beloved Uncle Donnie is not going straight to bed when he gets back to his hotel room after singing for the Lord when he is on the road.

The gospel legend said he never got upset about what happened.

We wonder why, Donnie?

All these encounters with these “strange” men McClurkin has been in recently seem like he could be on the verge of a scandal, and we know Uncle Donnie does not want all of his midnight trains to Georgia secrets to come out.

McClurkin said he is doing fine now and is safe, and things taken from him can be replaced.


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