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North Carolina man found hiding under woman’s car he stalked and followed home from Wal-Mart, faces new stalking charges


A man from Winston-Salem, North Carolina has been charged with stalking once again. This comes after his previous arrest last month for allegedly following a woman home from Walmart and then hiding under her car.

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Police said that Trevor Antonio Lewis, a 25-year-old, is once again in their custody.

Trevor Antonio Lewis

Lewis was on pretrial release for a previous unrelated stalking charge when he is said to have followed a woman home from Walmart on Kester Mill Road.

He was found underneath the woman’s car. When deputies from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office discovered him, he claimed that he was searching for his lost dog.

Police later determined that Lewis had followed the woman to her home from Walmart.

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The woman told the police that she had been approached by Lewis at Walmart and recognized him as the same man she had seen there before. Lewis was arrested on November 22 for misdemeanor stalking.

He was not given any bond. Forsyth County court records showed that Lewis has a total of four stalking charges and a sexual battery charge stemming from 2019 to November 2023, involving different victims.

Investigators said each incident had a random victim.

In a recent investigation, a different woman reported being followed home late at night from her workplace in Winston-Salem. The suspect allegedly followed the victim up the front steps of her home while holding a phone camera pointed at her.

Lewis has been charged with the following additional new charges:

  • Felonious indecent exposure
  • Misdemeanor indecent exposure
  • Misdemeanor stalking
  • Felonious stalking
  • Secret peeping underneath or through clothing

The investigation is ongoing.

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