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NLE Choppa’s mom says she has spoken to the rapper since her IG post Friday


The mother of rapper NLE Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Lashun Potts, posted on Instagram on Friday, asking the public for help in locating him.

NLE Choppa
Rapper NLE Choppa

Early Saturday morning, Angeleta Potts, the mother of NLE Choppa, stated that she had spoken to her son and he expressed the need for some time away.

What happened to NLE Choppa?

Angeleta Potts, the mother of the rapper, went to social media on Friday, asking the public to help her find her 20-year-old son. In her post, she stated that her son made plans to move back to Cottonwood, “where he worked hard to get out of just for a mixtape.”

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I ain’t talked to this boy in hours and he usually doesn’t do this, Angeleta said in her IG post.

Angeleta said NLE has never went ghost for any reason and has always communicated with her.

One thing I know about my son is that he doesn’t go ghost for any reason, she said.

She also left her son a message if he’s reading it that whatever he is working on she prays that God is guiding him. Angeleta also got a little upset at her son’s fans because of them always wanting him to please them. 


Angeleta Potts Instagram post about NLE Choppa not being heard from.

A member of NLE Choppa’s team also sent out a tweet on his official X (formerly known as Twitter) account asking the public to contact his mother if they hear from him.


Management Tweet from NLE Choppa’s X (formerly known as Twitter) account asking for help finding him.

A video obtained by The North Carolina Beat shows a video posted on NLE Choppa’s Snapchat story before he disappeared. (Check it out below)

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