Monica says jail bird bae C-Murder broke her heart again


Monica says C-Murder broke her heart again, no longer together

Chileeee…Word on the curb is that Aunti Monica Denise Arnold is out here in these streets spilling the tea about her and her jailbird C-Murder breaking up. But honestly, Monica, we really don’t care because what did you think? Did you really believe you was his only woman behind bars? You held out a long time.

Monica & C-Murder

Ma’am, you know he shot that man.

Monica woke up and decided that she wanted to address the recent rumors surrounding Corey Miller, also known as C-Murder, and why he appeared to be absent from her online lief. The questions arose after Monica was seen in St. Louis with another man named Anthony at Nelly’s Black and White Ball.

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In the comment section, a fan asked her who the new guy was and where C-Murder was.

Monica responded to the fan.

“OMGGGGG I haven’t said his name in 2 yrs can yall follow my lead like yall did when I brought him up. One band one sound.

Monica comment to fan.

She then went hunting in the comment section and stumbled upon a fan page dedicated to her. She expressed that her heart was broken. And what shook me was when she said, “again.” As if you didn’t know he wasn’t going to change. He is the same man who broke your heart the first time, and somehow you healed enough to let him do it again.

“Well, here it is in short! I got my heartbroken (again) and that’s ok! I learned yet another valuable lesson! I went through it, got over it, now I can laugh about it! Life continues! I feel great that through it he has representation to one day be free!Let’s move forward!”

Monica explained to fan why C-Murder has been absent on her social media.

The two had been in a relationship before C-Murder was arrested for a 2002 murder.

He was found guilty of beating and shooting 16-year-old Steve Thomas at a nightclub in Harvey, Louisiana.

On August 14, 2009, C-Murder was sentenced to life in prison and has been incarcerated at the Louisiana State Penitentiary ever since.

He has maintained his innocence, but it doesn’t seem like any organizations dedicated to supporting innocent projectswant to help him.

Over the years, Monica has been an advocate for C-Murder.

Hopefully, Monica can heal quickly for Anthony’s turn.

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