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Virginia parents want their daughter’s friend and her family investigated after their daughter died in Puerto Rico


Oneisha Shearin, 30, died in February in Puerto Rico, and her parents from Virginia believe that her friend and her friend’s family killed her. They are asking for a criminal investigation into her death.

Oneisha Shearin

Maggie and Timothy Watkins told The North Carolina Beat that they have been fighting for a criminal investigation into their daughter’s death since February. They stated that their daughter left for Puerto Rico with her friend Monica Harris and Monica Harris’ family on Thursday, February 23, 2023. The trip included no blood relatives of Oneisha.

Maggie stated that she spoke with her daughter briefly around 2 p.m. on Friday, February 24. She stated that Oneisha told her she was having a good time and that they would talk later. Maggie stated that she was checking in with her child as a mother would.

Maggie and Timothy received a strange phone call two days later, on Saturday, February 25, which they did not believe was real. They thought they were being pranked, and their daughter was the behind the prank. But they had no idea Oneisha was dead.

A phone call came in that she was gone, that she pa*sed away, Maggie said. It was a nonchalant phone call.

Maggie and Timothy said Monica told them that everyone had been drinking on Friday night and that Oneisha needed to lie down because she was intoxicated. According to Maggie and Timothy, Monica told them that their daughter got up to use the bathroom around 6:45 a.m., and Monica later found her in the bathroom making a funny noise, such as moaning. Maggie stated that Monica informed them that she couldn’t get Oneisha to respond to her commands, so she called [Maggie].

Monica Harris

Maggie stated that she told Monica to call 911 first, instead of her. Monica got off the phone and dialed 911. Maggie told The North Carolina Beat that Monica called her back 15 minutes later and asked if Oneisha had any medical issues. Maggie said she told Monica that her daughter had no medical issues. Maggie said Monica then hung up the phone without providing any context for her question about Oneisha’s medical history.

Maggie stated that Monica called her back thirty minutes later and informed her that her daughter was dead.

When she called back thirty minutes later, she said ‘she’s gone’ just like that, Maggie said.

Maggie said Monica was just “so calm, cool and nonchalant” on the phone. She said she told Monica to stop playing and put Oneisha on the phone. Maggie said Monica told her she couldn’t because Oneisha was dead.

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe it, it was just the way she said it, Maggie said. I just knew it was a joke because of how she said it.

Maggie stated that she hung up on Monica and dialed Oneisha’s number. She said she couldn’t keep track of how many times she called and left voicemails. Maggie and her husband couldn’t believe their daughter had died.

Maggie claimed she was able to obtain videos and photos of her daughter taken in Puerto Rico from Monica. She believed her daughter was already dead Friday night after seeing the photos and hearing Monica’s story.

Oneisha can be seen having a good time and appearing to be tipsy in two videos obtained by The North Carolina Beat, but Monica’s family keeps pushing her to take shots. It’s unclear if they were playing a game, but if they were, Monica didn’t mention anything about it when she spoke to Maggie.

Oneisha takes another shot in another video.

Maggie and Timothy believe Monica and her family poisoned their daughter among other things.

The North Carolina Beat also obtained two graphic photos, which we must warn you about. One of the photos shows Oneisha sitting on the couch with a towel across her forehead and blood on her left shirt sleeve. And, as you can see in the videos above, there is no blood on her sleeves.

Oneisha sitting on the couch appears to be unconscious with blood on her left shirt sleeve.

Another photo shows Oneisha sitting on the toilet, her pants halfway down, appearing dead, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and a pillow behind her neck and a washcloth across her forehead.

Oneisha in the bathroom dead.

Maggie and Timothy told The North Carolina Beat that it took a month for Oneisha’s remains to be returned to them. When the couple went to the funeral home to see Oneisha’s remains, they noticed she had fingernail marks on her face, other bruises, and a knot on one side of her head.

Maggie and her husband have yet to receive the results of Oneisha’s autopsy or toxicology, and she believes “Puerto Rico is holding it for some reason.” She claimed she had called Puerto Rico on a daily basis and had received no response or information about her daughter. Maggie said she and her husband went to the Richmond Police Department to file a police report, but they told her it was outside of their jurisdiction and they couldn’t help.

This mother and father are now appealing to the public for a*sistance in obtaining justice for Oneisha.

We want justice for our child, Maggie said.

The North Carolina Beat reached out to Monica for a statement and she declined to speak with us.

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