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Mississippi man stabs woman 50 times as he followed her inside her home


Police have not yet said whether the a man who stabbed a woman 50 times in Mississippi lived at her home at the time before he followed her inside, grabbed a knife, and attacked her.

The Gulfport Police Department said officers responded to reports of an ongoing assault on November 8th at approximately 3 p.m. Upon arrival, officers found a woman with stab wounds on her face and body.

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Police said they later took Nicholas Leshaun Unger into custody and charged him with a single count of aggravated domestic assault. His bond is set at $250,000.

Nicholas Leshaun Unger

According to investigators, Unger had come to the woman’s home. It is unclear if he lived there before. He got into a verbal argument with the woman outside of the property before allegedly following her inside the home.

Investigators said that when Unger got inside the home, he grabbed a knife and began stabbing the woman. The woman was temporarily able to get away when she fled to the rear bedroom in the house, while her daughter tried to stop the incident.

However, investigators said Unger managed to gain access to the room and continued to stab the woman.

The woman has been hospitalized and is reportedly in stable condition, according to local news reports.

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