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Man kills his 3 children & himself over a woman while live-streaming, kids crying in background

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Gerald Jackson
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Y’all, between these women killing their children over a man, now we have a man who is killing his children over a woman. SMH! 

Over this past weekend in Oklahoma, in a northwest Oklahoma City neighborhood, police responded to a welfare check where reports of a man on live stream threatening to harm his children.

A relative is said to have seen the stream and called the police at 4:14 a.m. Saturday morning. When officers responded to the call, they searched for the children. Three minutes before police learned about the situation, a surveillance video captured the suspect, Francoise Littlejohn, 29, pulling into a neighborhood and parking near Northwest 111th Street and Treemont Lane.

29-year-old Francoise Littlejohn


Police said Littlejohn executed his three children, 3-year-old Trinity, 4-year-old Aliyah, and 6-year-old Kyren, and then killed himself.

4-year-old Aliyah Littlejohn
3-year-old Trinity Littlejohn
6-year-old Kyren Littlejohn

It is unknown why Littlejohn chose the location near Northwest 111th Street and Treemont Lane.

Around 7:25 a.m., a runner saw the parked car with four dead people inside and called the police.


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This is terribly heartbreaking. Help is really needed in this world. People are really going through mental challenges!

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